Friday, 22 June 2018

Favourite Bath Products

Hello Everyone!
So for this week’s post I thought I would share my current favourite bath products.
I am going to slip it into categories of bubble bath, shower gels, shampoo and body butters etc just so it’s easier to show the products but I can then give my full opinion on each product and explain why they have become my favourites so let’s get into them –
Bubble Baths
Avon Bubble baths in Bubble Gum, Chocolate Orange and Lavender – These are my favourite bubble baths as the scents are just so lovely and they all smell amazing! I love how inexpensive the bubble baths are but also how much bubbles they actually create - by far my favourites.
Treacle Moon Bubble baths in Marshmallow Hearts and Cookie Dough – These are another favourite brand when it comes to bath products as again the scents are incredible and they just smell amazing, I don’t see as much bubbles when I use these bubble baths compared to the Avon ones but I just love the packaging of the Treacle Moon ones and of course the different scents.
Shower Gels
Imperial Leather Coconut and Tiare Flower Shower Gel – I got this shower gel from the pound shop on the whim thinking it would do until I bought a new one not knowing I would adore the scent, I love anything coconut scented and the Tiare Flower just adds a warmth to the scent and I love it so much.
Imperial Leather Unicorn Marshmallow Foam Burst – As you can tell I love the brand Imperial Leather for shower gels but I do adore the foam burst shower gels for when I’m in the bath and having a good pamper, I think the foam burst are the best to use for shaving as it definitely makes it a lot easier and I love this packaging and the scent of this one.
Dove Intense Repair Shampoo – Used this shampoo for so many years now and I just feel as it does the job perfectly but it just adds a lovely shine to my hair, will always purchase this.
Schwarzkoft Supersoft Repair & Care Coconut Shampoo – Bought this a few years ago and loved the effect it had on my hair, years later it still does the same effect and it’s so inexpensive. I get this from the £1 shop and honestly I love this shampoo.
Body Butters
I Love… Body Butters in Cherry Almond Sparkle, Chocolate Truffle, Strawberry Milkshake and Tropical Island – I always pick up these body butters due to all the different scents and how amazing they smell, they work amazingly as a body butter but it’s definitely the scents that draw me to these body butters as they linger on your skin for a while once you’re out of the bath or shower.

What’s your favourite bath products?
Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Current Planners

Hello Everyone!
  So for today's post I thought I would share my current planner/planners I am using. 
  I have finally found my feet in terms of a routine for my blog, YouTube and Younique. I know I take a lot on but it's all stuff I love so having a routine is always helpful. I know a planner will always keep me on track as I can then just glance to see what needs doing throughout the week. I have seem to try so many diaries this year so far as nothing seems to be practical and actually work for me... until I found the Busy B Busy Life diaries which are literally a god send to me. I am going to do a more in dept review on the planners in a few months once I am 100% on my thoughts but I am currently using the 2018 A5 Pretty Floral Design (I have attached a link for you) and it just works perfectly for me. It has the weeks on two pages so you can have one side of the planner for one thing and the other side for another one which I use one of the sides for Younique and the other for my Blog/YouTube so it works perfectly for me as I can then glance and see everything for that week for both my Blog/YouTube and Younique - Makes perfect sense to me! I then picked up the 2018-2019 Mid Year Busy Life Diary recently ready for August so I can do the transition from one diary to another perfectly, I adore the design on both of these planners but I am more drawn towards 2018-2019 design as I think I just prefer it but I just adore these diaries and as I said I am going to be doing an in dept review of the planners very soon. I just wanted to show you what diary I have finally decided on after using or buying far too many this year so far and this is honestly the most practical and easiest diary I have used and it's definitely keeping me so much more productive and on top of everything. I have linked both of the diaries above if you would like to check these out - honestly the best diaries ever!!
Have you ever used any Busy B diaries?
Friday, 15 June 2018

Younique Haul

Hello Everyone!
As you’re all aware hopefully I joined Younique back in April and hit my first promotion! I of course love anything beauty related so I treated myself to a few things to say well done! I thought going forward I would share my favourite products with reviews but also share what I pick up.

So with being a new presenter at the time I decided to pick up the booster bundle which is discounted for you with you joining the business which had everything I wanted to try so I was excited to pick this up. This was priced at £79.00 but for all the products received you’re saving so much! In this bundle you got the Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation which I picked the shade Scarlet as that was the perfect match for me. You then received the Touch Mineral Skin Perfecting Concealer again in the shade Scarlet and both of these give such amazing coverage. Next up was the Touch Glorious Face Primer which this is a silicone based primer which I tend to stick away from with oily skin but this again works really well at keeping my base on. You also receive the Touch Behold Setting Spray which I’ve used every day since I got it and it makes my make-up last so much longer. As this was a bundle you received a free drawstring make-up bag which I thought was a lovely touch but just overall I think this bundle was definitely worth the money as it was all products I wanted to try out – Amazing quality! I then decided to pick up a few lip products as I adore a good lip duo which I have definitely found. I picked up the Moodstruck Opulence lipstick in the shades Loaded and Affluent which Loaded is more of a red shade with a bit of shimmer which I found quite lovely on my lips when I wore it the other day. Affluent is more of a nude brown shade which is perfect for every day and I’ve definitely been wearing it daily. The formula of these lipsticks are so lovely as they apply so easily and just glide onto your lips. The last product I picked was a Moodstruck Precision lip liner in the shade Pouty which is the perfect nude and again I’ve worn this daily. The lipsticks are £15 each and the lip liners are £12 each but for the quality you receive they are so worth the money.

So I thought I would share what I picked up as I love to see hauls, I know this is a small haul but I thought I would share! I adore all of these products so far and if you are interested you can browse my website HERE just in case you do want to purchase anything. If you would like to see my lives etc on my Facebook you can add me HERE, I genuinely do adore these products and would highly recommend anyone giving them a go.
Have you ever tried anything from Younique?