Sunday, 24 February 2013

Primark haul in pictures #1

Cross Necklace-£2.50
Alphabet Shirt-£12
Set of 12 Earrings-£2.50
Black Stone Ring-£2.50
Patterned trousers-£16
Grey/black jumper-£8
Navy satin shirt-£12

I had a trip to Primark recently and picked up these few bits that caught my eye.

I've been wanting a long cross necklace for quite a while now but most I've seen have been quite expensive so when i saw this i finally decided to get one as it wasn't expensive with it only been £2.50.

The alphabet shirt was a should i or not buy? As I'm the sort of person who would stay away from loud or eye catching patterns and stay towards the plain and boring sheer shirts which would go with most things but i decided that it was different to the shirts i have at the moment and for £12 i thought i would buy it.

I bought the set of earrings as i enjoy swapping and changing my earrings so having 12 completely different for the price they were, They were a bargain. The black stone ring is again something I've been looking for, But have never seen one which would actually fit my tiny fingers so when i found this one and it fit me i had to buy it.

The patterned trousers were again a should i or not buy.. But I've always wanted some smart looking trousers for a while and these were unique, They are eye catching and quite hard to piece an outfit together with which is why i also bought the navy satin shirt as the colors both match together perfectly, The only thing with the shirt is that it is a satin material meaning it creases far too easily.

The grey jumper is one of the things i loved since i saw it, The main part of the jumper is grey cotton material but the arms are completely see through making it unique the gold chain on the jumper is something I'm not too sure about, It doesn't clip off meaning i would have to cut it off completely, For the price it was i thought it was a good buy as it could be dressed up with jeans and heels or kept casual with leggings and a leather jacket.
Hope you enjoyed my Primark haul!
Megan xo

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