Sunday, 11 August 2013

Nivea oil free moisturising day cream- Review

Today I will be reviewing the Nivea oil free moisturiser, I bought this a few weeks ago and thought now was the right time to review it as I now know if I like it or dislike it,
 I have to admit that I thought I would like the product, I bought it as I was looking for an oil-free moisturiser to try and combat my oily skin, It was also on offer which was a bonus at the time. I didn't look up reviews before meaning I was taking pot luck whether it would work for me or not.
When I first used this I didn't see much difference so I decided to use it over a course of weeks to see if I could see a difference in my skin; I didn't. The moisturiser seems to make my skin more oily. Which will never be a good thing for me. The moisturiser states it-
"Moisturises and helps regulate oil for shine reduced complection" I didn't see this with my skin.
I have now pushed this to the back of my draw as I won't be reaching for this anytime soon, This product may work for people who have oily/combination skin but for me it did me no favors at all.
Have you tried this before?

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