Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Current Go-To Items

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer (Shade 52)
Avon Colourtrend blush (Terracotta)
Barbara Daly Oil-Free Foundation (Porcelain)
Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream
Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick (Shade 180 Sunset)
Benefit They're real mascara

 These are my current Go-To items, I haven't really reached for much make-up recently as I am going through the stage of bad skin this month and make-up seems to be making it much worse.
 But the days that I have wore any this is what I have reached for.

  Bourjois bronzer has always been one of my favorite bronzers as it doesn't look too dark on my skin. This Avon blush has been shoved to the back of my make-up draw but recently I have been reaching for it as it's a very nice unique blush compared to my other blushes. Barbara Daly foundation makes my skin look flawless even though my skin is quite bad at the moment.

  The Nivea lip butters are my favorite lip balms/butters, The Caramel Cream smells incredible. The Rimmel Lip Stick is a very old one but is still one of my favorites as the color goes nicely with my skin tone, It does have shimmer running throughout it but very sheer. Benefits They're real makes my eye lashes much longer than they already are which I didn't think was possible as my eye lashes are quite long without any product on them.
What's your Go-To Items?

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