Thursday, 24 October 2013

Favourite MUA Eyeshadow Palette's-

   MUA eyeshadow palette's are probably my most used palette's simply because they are very pigmented, have a variety of different ones to suite different people and their tastes. The cost is also a big plus with this brand as the palette's are only £4, Meaning if they don't end up being your favourites you haven't spent a fortune on them, So here are my 3 favourite eye shadow palette's by MUA-
Undress Me-
  The undress me palette was the first one I bought ever bought, I have to admit it is still one of my most used palette's as the colours are so versatile that you can create any kind of look your wanting. The palette ranges from shimmers to matte shades. Making it much easier to create the look your wanting, This was rumoured to be a dupe for the Naked palette. I have to admit the colours are very similar in comparison. I can't afford to spend that amount of money on the Naked palette so when I decided to pick this up as it was a fraction of the price I wasn't disappointed and still to this day I am using this palette daily.
  This was my second palette that I bought and I just picked this up for the simple everyday shades. I go for the basic shades as I am far too scared to try anything dramatic with colours. So when I saw this I knew I would use this quite a lot, The colours again are very pigmented and blend out very easily. They are everyday shades meaning anyone could pull these colours off, Again the palette ranges from shimmers to mattes but I have to admit this one has a few more shimmer shades than matte's. So depending what sort of finish you like your eye shadows to have would depend if this would be great for you or not. Although I do have to admit this palette is the most easiest to create a natural eye look.
Undress Me Too-
  This has to be my favourite one of all the palette's as I would say this is the most pigmented one out of them all. This again is a dupe for Naked 2 palette, Again the colours are very similar and the price difference is incredible. The reason I think this one is my favourite is simply because it creates the best looks for me. The shades as so versatile that you could use this for a day or night look. The gold and brown colours are probably the most pigmented out of this palette but are the most used too, I would say this palette is mainly shimmers but has the odd one or two matte shades. I also like the packaging for this palette, The white casing shows no sign of use whereas the black shows every little mark which is never good but for the price you cannot complain!

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