Thursday, 3 October 2013

Korres Lip Butters-

  Korres Lip Butters have always been one of my Go-To lip products as they are easy to apply and add colour and moisture to my lips. I recently bought a few new shades which made me fall in love with them all over again. Korres Lip Butters in my opinion are quite cheap for what they are but they also last a long time making that a bonus.
 Left to Right- Pomegranate,Jasmine,Quince,Wild rose.

   The first two I bought were Jasmine and Wild rose, Then a few weeks ago I picked up Quince and Pomegranate as the colours of those two stood out to me compared to the other shades.
  Wild Rose is probably my favourite one of the four as it is the most pigmented and is the most flattering colour for my skin tone. This is a dark plum colour when applied evenly over the lips, You could build the colour up to make it darker or apply less to add a sheer colour across your lips. But this is very pigmented meaning I don't have to apply that much for it to show on my lips. I use a detailer brush to apply these to my lips which makes it easier and faster than using my finger to apply this, I would say this is a more Autumn/Winter shade.

   My second favourite has to be Quince, I have to admit Pomegranate and Quince have a similar colour pay off to the lips but Quince seems to have a more appealing colour when I apply it to my lips. This one isn't as pigmented as Wild Rose in my opinion but has a good comparison. This is a nice your lips but better colour. I hate that saying but that is the best way to describe it when it's on your lips. I would describe the colour itself as a cool rose-pink colour.
  Pomegranate comes into close running with Quince on which is my favourite but I have to admit I love both of their colours when applied to my lips. Pomergranate is a more coral pink compared to Quince. Again I really do love the payoff this gives when I apply it. I think this shade is more for summer but I would wear it all year round.
  This has to be my least favourite of the four as this is the least pigmented, When I bought this I thought it would be a nice nude colour but in my opinion this gives no colour to my lips just a shine as if I have applied a clear lipgloss over my lips. I do wear this from time to time but not very often.
  Have you tried any of these?

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