Friday, 1 November 2013

October Favourites-

  Hello again! So here is my wrap up for the things I have been loving in October...
 Make-up bits-
  Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid In 004 Light Porcelain- So I bought this foundation a while ago but never got round to trying it out properly, I tried it this month and really liked the results I've got when using it. The colour is a bit too dark for me but when mixing it with another foundation it looks fine, The coverage is build able so it can suit anyone and it lasts all day which is a plus.
  Barbara Daly Oil-Free Foundation In Porcelain- This is a frequent favourite of mine but really deserves it, This is a great foundation on it's own for the staying power etc but when its mixed with the Dream Satin Liquid it has a flawless finish and makes it the perfect shade for my skintone.
  Natural Collection Cover Cream In Fair- This is one of my favourite concealers for its staying power and coverage, But this month it has been one of my go to products as my acne has started up again leaving me which a lot more to cover up than usual, But this just leaves a flawless finish while hiding the blemishes.

Eye Bits-
  Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner In 1 Black- This is probably my favourite liquid eyeliner as the colour is a very dark matte black which ends up lasting all day without it leaving a pay off on your eye lids which has happened to me in the past. With using this all October it is close to been completely used up meaning I will be rebuying a new one.
  Benefit's They're Real Mascara- If I'm honest mascara isn't really a big thing for me, I'll use anything that will add a little bit of volume to my eye lashes. But I have to admit I can see the difference when I use this to when I use a cheap mascara which is always good, This adds volume to my eye lashes while also adding some length to my lashes.
  Collection Big Fake Mascara- This became one of my favourites this month because I can definitely say this makes my eye lashes look false which never really happens as my eye lashes are quite long but I can see the difference when I use this. The only downside to this product is that throughout the day it begins to disappears making my eyes look like I have nothing on them but I will still always use this.
  Avon Eye Liner In Black- Pencil eyeliner is something I normally stay away from but this month I decided to use it again, I have definitely liked the results I get when I use eyeliner on my water line, I feel as though it makes my eyes look more defined which is something I'm really enjoying right now.
Face Products-
  Avon Blush In Terracotta- This is on my favourites again as the colour of this just seems to suit me a lot more than I expected it to when I decided to buy it, What I like about this is how the colour is very versatile and looks great. This lasts most of the day but by touching it up it would look absolutely fine and would last all day. The blush is very pigmented to say how inexpensive it is but it doesnt apply too much when you apply it.
Lip Products-
  MUA Lipstick In Shade 13- This lipstick is quite bright as you can tell in the picture but when toned down or blended out it isn't as harsh. I like MUA lipsticks simply because of how inexpensive they are but how pigmented they are.
  Rimmel Apocolips In 400 Big Bang- This again is quite bright when applied to the lips but again when toned down or blended it looks completely fine. I'm a big fan of red lips so both this products are great for me.
  Wet&Wild Lipstick In 902B Sugar Plum Fairy- This lipstick is darker than the others as you can tell, This is more of a berry red but when applied on the lips it ends up coming off as a dark brown colour which surprisingly I really like, I also like how Wet&Wild lipsticks seem to still look good when they have faded. Some days I haven't re-applied this as I think it looks much more flattering when it is faded a bit on the lips as it is less bold.
What has your favourites been this month?


  1. Loved reading this post! I'll have to give the Avon blush a try, the colour looks gorgeous

    x greta

  2. Thankyou very much! I hope you like the Avon blush if you try it
    Megan x