Monday, 6 January 2014

Sleek Blush in Pomegranate-Review

  I'm going to review one of my favourite blushes at the moment, This has been by far my Go-To blush for the past few months, So here's my review of it.

  The make-up brand Sleek are probably my favourite brand for blushers because of how pigmented they are, You only need to use a light brush stroke to have a nice amount onto your cheeks. You can keep applying more to build it up but I like to keep it to minimum so it looks more natural.
  The shade Pomegranate is a very dark pink as you can see in the picture. But when you apply it the colour is a lot less vibrant and is a more natural flush of pink. As I said I apply a minimum so if you build it up it could become a lot darker.
   The packaging is one of my favourite things about Sleek blushers as they are very similar to the Nars packaging with the matte black outside and the mirror inside. The mirror is convenient for when you are on the go, You have a blusher to touch up and the mirror to check your make-up.  The blusher lasts all the day but you could touch it up throughout the day if you want the colour to stay put.  Sleek blushers cost £4.99 from any make-up shops, I would definitely recommend these as they are very pigmented and last all day. 
Do you own any Sleek blushers?

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