Monday, 10 March 2014

Dainty Doll Lipstick- Review

Hello Everyone!
  Today I'm going to be reviewing a Lipstick by Nicola Roberts brand "Dainty Doll"
Unfortunately the lipsticks come with the number of shade and not the actual name but luckily I found another blogger who had reviewed this and I found the name of this lipstick, This lipstick is in the shade 004 Material World...So here's my review-

  The packaging for this is something that attracted me to these products, I said this when I reviewed the Dainty Doll cream blusher in  002 orange country girl which you can check out here. The gold writing adds a more high end feel as it contrasts against the black packaging. Again I had to show the box it came in as the illustration on the box is something I really love about this brand! The packaging is very solid so you know it wont suddenly break if it's in your make-up bag or handbag.
  I thought I would show a close up of this product simply because it just shows how simple the packaging is yet how much of a statement it makes. The actual size of the lipstick is very compact meaning you could easily slip this into the little pockets in the lining of your bag for the easy access when wanting to re-apply it.

 The description for this lipstick was that the shade was a light lilac, But as you can see this lipstick is quite a dark pink in the packaging but when applied to the lips it is more of a subtle everyday colour. I simply picked this shade as at the time of purchasing this product I was going through a stage of trying to make myself pick up more everyday colours rather than deep reds which are quite hard to wear everyday. The lipstick for me seems to lasts throughout the day I have to admit my lips are similar to this shade so when it does start to fade you can't really tell that much. When I do wear this I do re-apply it throughout the day just so it is more bold on the lips but you could just leave it if you don't want to keep re-applying this. I would recommend this brand and it's products as 1. It it suitable for for light skinned girls which is a great thing for me and my paleness! and 2. The products are all good quality making them worth the money.
  I added a swatch for you to see how it looks when applied.
  P.S I just want apologise for not using the roses as the background, This is some old photo's I took when I first bought this but decided to wait and review this when I had an idea if I really liked this or not.
Have you tried any of the products in the Dainty Doll brand?

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