Monday, 3 March 2014

February Favourites-

  Hello Everybody!
 I just want to say sorry for not posting a blog post for a while, work and life seemed to get in the way, But enough of the excuses here is my February favourites-

  Clean&Clear Deep Action Cream Wash- I used to use this face wash a while ago but stopped using it after I started getting breakouts which I thought was been caused by this, My skin has gotten quite bad in the past few months so I decided to buy it again and give it another go, I have to say I'm really liking this because when you apply it you can feel it cleansing your pores.
  Witch Oil Control Foaming Face Wash- This has been in quite a few of my favourite's but I had to put it back in again as I feel this is one of the products of my skincare routine that seems to make a difference with my skin, My skin has become more oily over the past couple of months meaning I have to powder multiple times throughout the day, By using this the oils in my skin has reduced which is a good thing.
  L'Oreal 3 In 1 Purifying Micellar Solution- I bought this recently and have been using it to take my make-up off before I wash my face, I use a cotton pad to apply this to my face. I don't think this really helps my skin in any way but I prefer using this than make-up wipes, It is exactly like water but it does make my skin feel refreshed when I've taken my make-up off.
  Pro Formula Radiance Toner- This toner is for Normal/Combination skin, I apply this after I have cleansed my face, I still haven't seen much improvement with my skin but I haven't been using this as long as these other products but I have to admit I feel as though my skin feels much better after I have used this, I use this on a cotton pad also but I have to admit after I've used this on my skin I see how much make-up is still on my skin after I've done my skin care routine.
  Pro Formula Purifying Day Cream- This day cream is for Combination/Oily skin, I apply this on a morning before I apply my make-up. This day cream is to try and help reduce the oils in your skin, I like the consistency of this cream as it is quite thick and feels smooth when applied, I also think this acts as a primer for your make-up which is a good thing as I now don't apply a primer as this seems to keep my make-up put throughout the day.
   lacura AQUA complete moisturiser- This moisturiser is for Normal skin, I apply this on a night time after I have cleansed my face. This consistency of this moisturiser is quite watery but applies smoothly. The moisturiser is a mint green colour which is something I like as its different to the normal white colour.(I'm weird I know!)
Make-up Bits-
  L'Oreal True Match Foundation In N1 Ivory- This foundation has become one of my Go-To foundations as the colour matches me perfectly, When it is applied it looks flawless which for me is a big plus as it covers my acne quite well I think this foundation is buildable but I apply small dots over my face which makes a natural finish but full coverage, I then apply concealer to the parts of my face which need extra coverage.
  Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation In 005 Light Beige- This foundation came out quite recently but I have to say my skin looks 10x better when I use this on my skin, It looks more radiant and glowing which is what I need for an early start throughout the week. The colour is quite pale but I wouldn't say this suites me perfectly but it looks fine when buffed into my skin properly. The coverage again is builable but seems full coverage no matter how many times you apply it to your skin.
  Sleek Face Form Palette in 373 Light-  I find this palette quite handy as it has a contour colour, highlighter and blusher in one. The contour colour isn't too dark which is perfect for me I use it to add definition to my face as my face is quite round. The highlight is something I don't use as much but it great to have in there for the days where you feel like you could use highlight on your face, The blusher in this palette is Rose Gold, It is a pink shade with gold shimmer running throughout it. I use this as an everyday blush as it adds a nice flush of colour onto my skin. All the 3 products in this palette last a long time on the skin which is always a plus.
  Max Factor Lipstick in 883 Rosewood- This is one of those lipsticks where I never want it to run out, It's a really nice natural pink colour which adds a hint of colour onto your lips, This is a everyday shade which is perfect for work. It doesn't last all day but can easily be applied throughout the day.
  Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick In 540 Hollywood Red- This lipstick has to be one of my favourite red lipsticks as it isn't too red or bright, It has pink undertones making it suit my skin tone perfectly, I'm always worried about wearing red lipstick in case it smudges onto my skin throughout the day but this one stays put on the lips and doesn't move, Again this would need to be applied throughout the day for a more bold lip but it still looks great after it has faded throughout the day.
  Barbara Daly Luscious Lip Balm In cherish- This lipbalm has a tint of red. So most days I apply this on it's own as it adds a nice colour to your lips, I wouldn't say it helps my lips but I mainly use this to add a nice hint onto my lips when I don't want to apply lipstick.

I'm sorry for the long blog post but I hope this makes up for the blog posts I've missed!
What's been your favourites this month?

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