Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Next Eau De Parfum Cashmere-Review

Hello everyone!
  Today I'm going to be reviewing a perfume which I recently bought, I have to admit I feel like a blog post about a perfume is kind of a weird thing to post as my opinion on a perfume's scent could be completely different to someone else's but anyways here my review of my recent perfume purchase.
  So I recently bought this perfume when I was looking around Next, For the 30ml bottle for £7, They also had a bigger size which was £12 I'm not too sure how much you got in that bottle. I love how beautiful the bottle is, By having the gold writing I think it looks really expensive for the price it was. 
  The cap on the bottle is a little tough to get off but I think that's because I'm cautious about dropping it or breaking the cap which I know is stupid but the bottle is too perfect to smash.
  The scent for me is what actually made me buy it, I'm more into a musky kind of scent rather than a floral scent but I personally think this is a mix of the two. This scent for some reason reminded me of when I was younger, This may sound very strange but this smells exactly like a perfume my mum used to use when I was younger so when I smelt this it brought back a few memories for me which was something I really liked.
 The musky scent overpowers the floral scent when you first spray it onto your skin or clothes, But throughout the day the floral scent then takes over.
  The only downside about this perfume is it doesn't last all day. I work full time so I want to make sure my perfume lasts all day but I would say around lunch time it has began to wear off, But because the bottle is so small I can just chuck it into my bag and re-apply it when it's started to fade. The size of this bottle is very compact and small so as I said it could easily be chucked into your bag no matter what size bag you prefer to use on an everyday basis.
        I'm sorry about the bad description of the perfume's scent but if they have this stocked in your Next I'd recommend you go and smell it yourself to see if you would like this perfume or not. 
What's your favorite perfume?

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