Sunday, 18 January 2015

Cyprus 2014!

Hello Everyone!

  So I'm kind of doing a throwback to last year but with the weather been miserable I thought this may cheer me up just a little-

I went to Cypus in October for a family wedding which I was actually a bridesmaid for I hadn't been on holiday abroad since I was around 8 or 9 so you can probably guess how scared I was to get on that plane for the first time in around 10 years (So scared!) I was literally gripping the seats when we were getting ready to set off and ready to land (Nightmare!)

  This was my first holiday where it was just me and my dad, My mum hates flying so there was no way of getting her on that plane when we were jetting off for a week. I have to admit though I actually enjoyed been away with it just been me and my dad as it made us a little closer than we are already! The weather in Cyprus nearly killed me though as I'm as pale as a ghost and 30-40 degrees wasn't very comfortable for me but I must admit I caught a little tan throughout the week!

The wedding was definitely the best day of the holiday as it was great to have the whole family together enjoying the sun, Again the heat wasn't great when you were in a dress that touched the floor meaning we all got changed straight after the ceremony, 
  The ceremony was on the beach beside the sea meaning the wedding photo's were amazing!
  The day's without make-up did wonders for my skin but wasn't very appealing for anyone who saw me!
Where have you been on holiday last year?

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