Friday, 27 February 2015

Lush Haul #1

Hello Everyone!
  So I thought it would be a nice idea to show you what I bought from my last Lush order,

  I have to admit with it been payday I decided to go a little crazy! (I think I went a little too crazy, no guilty conscience though!)
Dragon's Egg- £3.35
    This bath bomb is one I haven't actually tried yet so I have no idea if I'll enjoy this or not, The bath bomb has popping candy in it making your bath fizz releasing a rainbow of colours thorough the water.

Sakura- £3.35
  This bath bomb again fizzes once in the water but this is more of a relaxing bath bomb as it turns the bath water a suttle light blue colour with a small mountain of bubbles on top of your bath water.

Space Girl- £2.35
  This is probably one of my favourite bath bombs as the scent is incredible, It reminds me of Parma violet sweets. Once this is popped in your bath the water suddenly turns a dark purple colour with a hint of glitter settling on top of the water.

Sex Bomb- £3.35
  Again I haven't tried this bath bomb yet but I know this turns your bath water a pink colour and packed inside the bath bomb is rose petals waiting to be released into the water, I have no idea if I will actually enjoy this one but I will definitely give it a go. (You have to try everything once!)

Twilight- £3.35
  This is another one of my favourites as the look of this bath bomb is so cute with the stars engraved in the bath bomb I also love the scent of this, Once released into the bath it fizzes from a light pink to a baby blue colour turning the water into a rainbow of pinks to purples.

Fizzbanger- £3.35
   This bath bomb is again one which intrigued me as the bath bomb is a vibrant yellow colour, Apparently once it is put into the water it releases fireworks of every colour into the water. The bath water turns green with a little note saying 'BANG' looking forward to this one!
Granny Take a Dip- £3.35
Granny takes a dip is one of those bath bombs I really enjoy as the vibrant colours throughout the bath seems to relax me for some reason, I think this is a great looking bath bomb which is one reason why I will always buy this.

Rose Bombshell- £3.50
This is one of the bath bombs from the 'Mother's Day' collection, I thought I would try this as it looked great on the website. The water turns a subtle pink colour with the mountain of white bubbles on top of the water, it has dried roses in the bath bomb making the scent a more floral approach than other bath bombs.

Phoenix Rising- £3.35
This is a bath bomb I'm slight scared to use as I know it has cinnamon throughout this bath bomb which is a scent I'm not very keen on. This turns the bath water a deep purple colour with gold glitter shimmering throughout the water, I may keep this one till last!
Ickle Baby Bot- £1.95
This is a bath bomb I will always buy as it's the cutest thing I have ever seen! The price is also a big bonus, the scent for this isn't very strong but this makes my skin feel incredible once I get out,with it been a robot I slowly begin to fall in love with this bath bomb.

Floating Flower- £3.50
This was a bath bomb from the 'Valentines Day' collection, it's now been taken off the website which is a pain but I will give this a whirl, once this is in the bath it floats on top of the water releasing a trail of colours across the water, I'm hoping this is a great bath bomb but it means I will have to wait till Valentine's Day to buy this again (Such a pain!)

Honey Bee- £3.35
I have never used this but thought it would be great as I have been suffering from really bad dry skin on my legs and arms so I'm hoping this may just sort that out! This isn't the best looking bath bomb but if it does the job I'm wanting to I'll be happy!
Think Pink- £2.65
This is a bath bomb I class a girly bath bomb as it looks such a girly bath bomb with the flowers and the pink bomb, this turns the water such a pretty pink colour, I have to admit it's not one I'd reach for over than others in this haul but I wouldn't never turn this one down.
What are your favourites from Lush?

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