Sunday, 15 February 2015

New members of the family!

  Hello Everyone!

  So today I'm going to be doing a post which is a little different for my blog but I'm wanting to bring parts of my life onto my blog so its more personal,

  Me and my boyfriend have been deciding on some kind of pet to class as ours and after months of constant arguing about what we should get we both decided on Leopard Gecko's.
  I will admit they wont be everyone's cup of tea but after a little patience I slowly became a fan of them and their cute faces which look like they are smiling.

Introducing Leonardo;

  Leonardo was the first Leopard Gecko we bought and as you can tell from his pattern that is where they get their name from (Obvious right?!) Not every leo has spots though which is why every Leopard Gecko is completely different to the next one,
  They are the easiest pets to look after and their home is a lot easier to clean and care for which is a good thing if you have never had a reptile before. (Reptile Virgin) like me and my boyfriend were but after a few weeks you get the hang of things and it's as if your a pro.

Introducing Oscar;

  As you can see Oscar has the spots on his tail but none on his body as yet, The spots can develop the older the Leo gets so hopefully he may end up having spots all over his body.
  I have to admit we're not actually sure what the sex of both of the Leopard Gecko's are as you cannot tell until a certain age and as of yet there is no signs to tell us yet.

I'm slowly getting used to them but still run a mile when they are out of their cage as they are fast little misters but once in your hand and they are comfortable they will lay on you until their heart is content. (Well until their belly is too cold and they need to heat back up again)

What pets do you want but are a little scared to purchase?


  1. I'd love one of these, they're adorable and such unusual pets :)

    Corinne x

  2. Yeah they are great! such a surprise:)

    Megan x