Friday, 20 February 2015

New Purchases!

  Hello Everyone!
  So I thought I would share what I have bought recently as I enjoy seeing what people buy and I thought this may be a good thing to post on my blog,

  I think I may have gone a little crazy in Superdug where I proceeded to buy 5 Barry M nail polishes,

   Barry M Gelly Shine in Shade- Garadamom
  This colour has been one I've wanted for a while as I think the shade of the green is perfect for this time of year- So happy I got to purchase it.

Barry M Gelly Shine in Shade- Paprika
  This again is such a great colour but this was actually picked by my mum as she thought it was a colour you don't see very often I have to admit I was skeptical about it but once I got home I really liked the colour.

 Barry M Gelly Shine in Shade-Mustard
  This is a colour you will either like or dislike and this was something which appealed to me as I know it would be a really nice colour to wear, I hadn't seen this colour around until one of my friends said she was going to pick this up, So I had a look online and decided I had to buy it next time I was shopping.
Barry M Nail Paint in Shade- Nightshade
  I bought this simply because I rarely have many dark colours and this one appealed to me as although it looks really dark in the bottle it also has a purple undertone which is something I really liked about this, The colour is extremely dark but I think I will slowly fall in love with it.
Barry M Nail Paint in Shade- Vintage Violet
  This is by far one of my favourites out of the ones I bought as this is the colour shade I mainly pick up its a purple colour in the bottle but once on the nails its a dark brown with a hint of purple in it, I think it is a perfect colour.

New Look Bag £24.99 & Purse £9.99
  I've been stalking this bag for a few months now simply because I love how this bag looks and the neutral colours make it perfect for me, I have to admit it's not a massive bag but fits all the essentials in, I also bought a purse to go with the bag as it wasn't too expensive and it fitted the bag perfectly. 

Essence Maximum Definition Mascara and Lipstick shade 7- Natural Beauty
    I decided to buy these products as Essence is a brand I've wanted to try for a while as I've heard great things about this brand which I found out they now do it in a store called Wilkinsons and the prices aren't expensive. The mascara is a basic mascara brush but really thickens and makes my lashes a lot longer I haven't used it very much so can't give my full opinion yet, The lipstick has become the colour I've wore to work since I bought it, It's the perfect nude with a hint of pink a perfect everyday colour.

"Nothing better than a bunch of flowers to cheer you up on a bad day"
What have you bought recently?

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