Friday, 6 March 2015

Febuary Favourites-

Hello Everyone!
  So I thought I would show you what I have been loving in the month of Febuary:

Skin Care-
  Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control Cleanser- This is one of the more recent products I have been trialing on my skin as I use this once I have washed my face with the two products I will talk about in this blog post, I mainly just use this to make sure I have got rid of everything on my skin I haven't seen any improvements from this yet but it does the job. 
  Clean&Clear Dual Action Moisturiser- I use this every morning before I apply my make up, This really moisturises my skin and it's oil free so it works wonders for me.
  Visibly Clear Pore and Shine Daily Scrub- This works wonders on my skin and makes the oil vanish from my skin, It's a scrub meaning it's a little harsh on the skin but you know it is definitely working, My skin feels incredible after I have washed it with this. The smell is something I adore as it smells so fresh and clean.
  Visibly Clear Pore&Shine Daily Wash- This is very gentle on the skin compared to the Daily Scrub but when used together they are amazing, Again it vanishes the oils from your skin which is something I have been looking for in skin care for a long time now and I have finally found them. 
      If you have oily skin I would definitely recommend you try these products! 
Face Products-
  Revlon Colourstay Shade 110 Ivory- I've raved about this foundation enough on my blog but it will always be one of my staples as it's staying power is the best! Also with it been for oily/combination skin I know it will work when my skin has it's bad days. The shade of this foundation is perfect for me. A 10 all round!
  Estee Lauder Double Wear Shade 1W1 Bone- This is a more expensive foundation I have in my make up collection which is why I tend to stick away from using this everyday but recently I have been reaching for it more often as it's staying powder is as good as the Revlon one but this seems to make my skin flawless which is a bonus, This shade is a bit too dark for me but when I repurchase I will definitely get a lighter shade,
  Collection Pressed Powder Shade 18 Ivory- This face powder is the only one I have ever used and will always repurchase it as the price is so cheap but does the job I need it to do, I have to re- apply this multiple times through the day and it doesn't cake on your face or anything like that, It simply makes your makeup look natural.
Dainty Doll Cream Blusher Shade 2- I rarely reach for this product as I feel like it is quite hard to work with on the skin, But this month I decided to try it a different way and just use my hands to apply this to my cheeks, The colour is a lovely rosy pink when applied on my cheeks because of how pale my skin is, You could build this up but I like to apply this quite lightly so it is more natural on the skin. You can see my review for this blusher HERE.
  EOS Lipbalm Watermelon- This is a lipbalm I love simply because of the watermelon flavour, It really refreshes my lips not much to really say about these lipbalms because they are a basic lip balm but this is one that really helps when my lips are really dry and need moisturising.

Lip Products-
  Essence Lipstick in Shade 07 Natural Beauty- This is one of my newest lip sticks it is a lovely pink shade which is a more everyday colour which is what I wear for work most days as it's very subtle.
  Collection Lipstick in Shade 13 Vintage Rose- This is a more nude pink than the Essence lipstick but I mainly wear this when my makeup is more out there, These lipsticks are very inexpensive but are worth every penny as the lasting powder is surprisingly good. 
  Maybelline Lipstick in Shade 540 Hollywood Red- This is a red shade I will always love as it seems to go quite well with my pale skin. I love how this colour makes my lips stand out no matter what makeup I am wearing, I do wear this to work some days but I think this is more of a shade to wear when your going out.
  Vivienne Westwood Cheeky Alice- This is a perfume I will always love as the scent of this is more of a musky scent compared to the other two I will be talking about, But I love how the scent lingers for the full day no matter how busy my day gets. The bottle is another thing I love about this perfume the red and gold look perfect together.
  DKNY Pure- I got this for christmas and I have to say I'm still not a 100% if I like the scent of this perfume but I bought this for the days when I'm wanting more of a floral fresh scent, I haven't used this much yet but I'm sure I will start using it more soon. The simple packaging of this perfume is something I really like as I think it suits the scent perfectly.
  Lady Million- I got this for christmas from my boyfriend as I had always said I would buy this for myself but I never got round to it, The scent of this is one of my favourites as I prefer the more musky scents rather than the floral scents as I feel as though they smell better on me and they are always what I seem to buy more of. The bottle of this gets on my nerves as the bottle is more a funny shape which never stays still on my side, When I first got this out of the box to put away I thought I had chipped the bottle because of how it stood (Stupidity at it's best!)

What's been your favourites of Febuary?

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