Friday, 13 March 2015

Yankee Candle Collection

  Hello Everyone!
  So I'm not the only one who has an obsession of buying candles right? I didn't think so.
  I decided for this weeks post I would show you my collection of Yankee candles which is slowly getting bigger and bigger.
Medium Sized Candles-
 (L-R) White Linen & Lace and Sunlight on snow.
White Linen & Lace is probably one I burn quite a lot as the scent is very sweet and calming, I mainly burn this while I'm in the bath or I leave it burning in my bedroom while I get a shower the scent lingers throughout the bedroom and it smells incredible.
Sunlight on snow is one of my older candles as I bought this at the beginning of last year as a candle I was going to keep hidden until winter time last year, I saved it for so long as it was such a crisp musky scent it was lovely for the winter time, It smelt so good and I would definitely recommend this.

Small Candles-
(L-R) Strawberry Buttercream and Fireside Treats
Strawberry Buttercream was simply one I bought as everyone I heard talk about it would rave and say it smelt incredible I have to admit it does smell great but this is more of a scent I would steer away from as for me I can't burn this for long as I begin to feel sick with the sweet scent.
Fireside Treats is one I would definitely recommend as it's more of a scent I enjoy burning, Again I burn this when I'm in the mood for a nice cosy evening with the lights dimmed. When this is burnt I would say it does actually have a hint of marshmallow but for me I think that is what makes it appealing as that adds a little bit of sweetness to the scent but not as sickly as the Stawberry Buttercream one is.

Wax Tarts-
 (L-R) Camomile Tea, Candy Cane Lane, Cranberry Zest, 
Merry Marshmallow, Vanilla Cupcake.
Camomile Tea isn't a scent I'm very keen on but I've saved it for some reason which I'm not sure of if I'm honest I keep trying to smell this to see if I feel as though I would be able to burn it but I really doubt I will ever use this. 
Candy Cane Lane is a Christmas scent which I haven't used yet but I will definitely use this at Christmas time this year as I adore the smell of Candy Canes so this burning will without a doubt put me in a Christmas mood if I'm not feeling it.
Cranberry Zest is more on the fruity side of the scents but is one I really like the smell of, You can smell the cranberry's straight away when you smell this but you then get a little hint of orange which just makes this scent perfect I haven't burnt this yet but I definitely will soon.
Merry Marshmallow is another Christmas scent but this is one of my favourites!! First off the picture on the front of the tart is the cutest but the scent is just divine it smells of just marshmallows (When you first open a packet of them and it has that certain smell) That's exactly how it smells and it's incredible I'm saving this until I literally have none left as it ones I cherish.
Vanilla Cupcake is another very sweet one as from the title of the tart it smells exactly like that but I can deal with this so I'm guessing it isn't as sweet as the Strawberry Cupcake one but smells as if your about to eat a cupcake.

(L-R) Witches Brew and Candy Corn
Witches Brew is one of the Halloween one's and to me smells exactly like licorice but a bit sweeter and more perfumed I have to say I do like the smell of this in the packet but burning I'm not sure if I would enjoy this or not.
Candy Corn to me doesn't have a smell which is strange but I'm not sure if I will have to burn this before it starts to have a scent but I think that may be why I'm hesitant to burn this as I have no idea how it will smell.

  (L-R) Midsummer's Night, Fireside Treats, Sugared Apple, Amber Moon,
Blueberry Scone, Black Coconut, Berrylicious.
Midsummer's Night is such a lovely scent as it's very musky and smell's like a mens aftershave When I burnt this before the smell lingered throughout my bedroom and then throughout the house it smelt incredible and even though it had lingered throughout each room it didn't lose it's scent.
Fireside Treats is at the top of this post if you want a detailed opinion on it.(Whoops bought it again!)
Sugared Apple is another Christmas scent I think, Again this is very sweet for my liking but has a musky undertone meaning I can cope with smelling this. Will definitely have to use this soon!
Amber Moon is the one I will be burning next this smells SO good! I can't even describe the scent of this but burning this will be very enjoyable without a doubt.
Blueberry Scone I think is an American Yankee candle scent which I purchased on Ebay I wouldn't say this smells great but it does have a hint of blueberry somewhere but otherwise I can't really smell anything else, This may of been a disappointment if I'm honest.
Black Coconut is hands down my favourite scent so far I LOVE anything which smells like coconut and this is like heaven to me. I have gone through so many of these and I keep repurchasing. This is what I'm burning at the moment and I'm loving it.
Berrylicious is a better scent than the blueberry scone as it has more of a scent to it when you smell it, Again it doesn't have a heavy scent but I will definitely burn this one day.

(L-R) Strawberry Buttercream, White Gardenia, Black Cherry, Summer Scoop,
Honey Blossom, Vanilla Lime, Soft Cotton.
Strawberry Buttercream is at the top of this post  but I don't find the wax tart as overpowering as the actual small jar candle which is strange, I can burn this and enjoy the scent but with the candle I just can't cope with it burning for too long.
White Gardenia is a very clean smelling scent and I feel as though when I burn this it will make my room instantly feel clean as the scent is very strong but not too overpowering. I can't really describe how it smells but it reminds me of mints for some reason.
Black Cherry is another one of my favourites as I love the smell of cherries. I haven't burnt this yet but how it smells in the packet it will definitely smell incredible when it has burnt for a little while.
Summer Scoop is again another one which is very sweet and I'm not too sure if I like it or not, I do like the smell of it as it does remind me of ice-cream but I don't know if it would get overpowering when it is burning, I'm going to burn this in the summer though so hopefully I like it.
Honey Blossom is another clean scented wax tart, The colour of this tart is my favourite as it is one of my favourite colours I feel as though when I burn this I will feel relaxed as it is one of those scents where you will just forget about anything stressful and just enjoy the relaxation.
Vanilla Lime is one of those scents where it reminds me of something when I was a child but I can't think of what it actually is I really do like the smell of this as the lime makes it a refreshing scent rather than a floral or clean scent.
Soft Cotton smells exactly like what it is called, Everytime I smell this all I can think of is getting a clean new towel when it has been washed and dried, It smells so good!

(L-R) Sweet Pea, Lavender Spa, Morning Blossom, Grapefruit,
Sugared Vanilla, Shoreline, Fruity Melon.

Sweet Pea was one of the first wax tarts I bought as I loved the smell of this as it smelt so clean and fresh I must of re purchased this multiple times as I really do enjoy burning this.
Lavender Spa is one scent which I adore as Lavender has always been something I have smelt whilst growing up as this is one of my mum's favourite scents in the house it smells exactly like Lavender flowers which is one thing I love the smell of.
Morning Blossom is another scent I'm unsure on as it again reminds me of something I just can't put my finger on what, This is another clean smelling candle but I have no idea when I plan on burning this.
Grapefruit is one of my recent purchases as the smell of this just took me by surprise, I really love the smell of this as it just smells exactly like a grapefruit this reminds me of Cyprus as grapefruit was mainly what I ate when I saw there for breakfast so brings great memories back.
Sugared Vanilla just reminds me of the scent of sugar, This also reminds me of baking as the vanilla and sugar together smells just like the kitchen did when I was making my last batch of buns.
Shoreline reminds me of a perfume I used to wear quite a while ago it has a musky scent which is something I really like when burning a candle so definitely going to enjoy using this.
Fruity Melon reminds me of watermelon sweets as it smells exactly like them. Again this is a recent purchase but I'm so glad I did as this makes my mouth water as it smells so good with the watermelon scent it will be so good when this is burning, May burn this at summer though I think it would suite that time of year.

What's your favourite Yankee Candle?
P.s- Has anyone ever tried Vanilla Satin Candle?

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