Thursday, 2 April 2015

Get to know- "Standinginthewindx"

Hello Everyone!
  So today's post is going to be something a little different but me and my good friend Kerri (Aka-Standinginthewindx) decided we would do a little questionnaire which we would post on each other's blogs , The questions range from Beauty to General questions, So I hope you enjoy learning a little about someone who I will always thank for being part of my life. (Secretly we are sisters!)

 Q1. What are your full name and your Blog name? 
A. My full name is Kerri Louise Mansfield (not a fan of it) and my blog name is standinginthewindx.

Q2. What’s your blog focused around? 
A. I try to focus my blog around everything really. I like to let everyone know what’s going on in my life and share everything with them. I do base some things around beauty and fashion, but I think that’s because I’m currently studying fashion, so it’s on my mind a lot. 

Q3. How long have you had your blog for? 
A. I’ve only had my blog a couple of months now (I’m an amateur!). I’ve wanted to start one for so long but just never had to the guts to do it. 

Q4. Would you say you enjoy blogging and the concept of it? 
A. I absolutely love blogging! I do it for fun really, I don’t expect it to go anywhere or suddenly become popular over night; I like to talk about things with people and get my thoughts out there. 

Q5. What's your favorite make-up brand? 
A. I did really love BarryM, but I would definitely have to say that Rimmel London has got to be my current favorite. 

Q6. What are your go-to make-up pieces? 
A. Eyeliner and lipstick.

Q7.When did you first start wearing make-up? 
A. I think I was about thirteen when first officially started wearing makeup. I only really wore mascara and over the years it’s only really developed into adding eyeliner. 

Q8. What's your favorite clothing shop? 
A. I have two favorites: Ark and H&M. 

Q9. What's your go-to outfit? 
A. It’s definitely got to be my comfy jeans and ones of Jordan’s (my boyfriend) tops or jumpers.  

Q10. How would you describe your dress sense? 
A. What my mood is that day. 

Q11. What's your favorite book/series? 
A. Okay I can’t choose one, so I’m going to have to say two: The Timestorm series and the Across the Universe series.

Q12. What's your go-to perfume? 
A. Daisy by Marc Jacobs 

Q13. What make-up do you want to buy on your next shopping trip? 
A. I always want to buy nail paint whenever I go shopping (I have a bit of an addiction!) 

Q14. What's your most listened to album of this year so far? 
A. Probably Biffy Clyro’s Similarities. 

Q15. Would you ever try a teatox, if so why? 
A. I have actually done a teatox before. I tried Booteas two week teatox and I didn’t really feel any different to be honest, but it was nice getting to drink tea every day for two weeks. 

Q16. Do you read other blogs? If so which do you read? 
A. I don’t really read a lot of blogs apart from friends. 

Q17. What's your favorite hot drink? 
A. Definitely hot chocolate 

Q18. If you could sum yourself up in 3 words what would they be? 
A. Wow, erm… outgoing, loud and weird. 

Q19. Choose a song to describe your mood as your filling these out. 
A. Arctic Monkey’s – I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor.  

Q20. What's your most used emoji? Who do you send the most emoji's to? 
A. The cat emoji… I talk a lot about my cats.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
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