Friday, 3 April 2015

Skincare Routine

Hello Everyone!
  So I thought I would share with you my new skincare routine which seems to be working with my skin so far but it's still in progress.

  As I've said before my skin is very oily and I suffer from Acne which comes and goes so my skincare has to combat those two things for me to keep using them.

L'Oreal Micellar Gel
L'Oreal Micellar Water
  I use this to take my make-up off as I'm trying to stay clear from using face wipes as I feel as though the aren't really helping my skin but after a hard day of work face wipes are my saviour but I'm attempting to use these two products. The Micellar Gel is to take my eye make-up off which makes it actually quite easy this is a gel so I apply a small dot onto a cotton pad and then swipe across my eyes I have to use a bit of force but it does seem to remove all my eye make-up. I then go in with the Micellar water which I use to take my face make-up off and to wipe the remaining eye make-up off which is left behind. These are very sensitive on the skin so would be great for most skin types.

  Clean & Clear Shine Control Facial Scrub
After I have taken all my make-up off with the Micellar gel and water I then use this facial scrub to make my skin feel more awake and energised. This is for oily skin which I have to admit it does feel as though my skin looks more mattified when I have washed my face with this. The texture of this is a clear gel with blue and green dots running through it they are the particles which ex foliate the skin making it feel more clean as it clears the clogged pores and gets rid of any dead skin. The smell of this is actually quite pleasant as it smells quite fruity but has a scent of lemon grass which is actually in the formula.

Clean & Clear Shine Control Facial Wash
This is again another face wash but this is more gentle on the skin which is why I use this straight after the facial scrub as it feels incredible on the skin once I have used the scrub as I can feel this cleansing my pores and skin, Again this has the same scent as the other face wash but this is a much more gentle face wash. It also does the same things to my skin making it appear more matte rather than shiny and oily. Both of the face washes together work a treat!

Neutrogena Daily Cleansing Lotion
  I use this product once I have left my skin breathe after I have cleansed it, I apply this to a cotton pad and swipe across the whole of my face to see if there is any remaining make-up on my skin which most of the time there isn't but it's always best to make sure your skin if fully cleansed on a night time. The scent of this is quite strong which is something I don't quite like but this does the job of what I'm wanting it to so I would definitely recommend this but would definitely say go and smell the scent before buying in case you are quite sensitive to certain scents within skin care.

L'Oreal Triple Active Anti-Shine Moisturiser
  This is something I am still testing out but I use this on a morning and night time just after I have cleansed my face again this doesn't have much of a scent to it but I mainly got this is it is an anti-shine moisturiser meaning it should stop my skin from getting oily which I have seen an improvement but that could be my skin care routine in general. This is quite a thick consistency but once applied to the skin it settles into the skin perfectly, I do sometimes use this without a primer and my make-up does seem to last as long as it would with a primer so that is a bonus!

What's your skin care essentials?

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