Friday, 1 May 2015

April Favourites-

Hello Everyone!
  So I thought today I would share with you my favourite products I have been using in April, I have to admit this month has been a month I have really enjoyed as things like Passing my theory test and starting my driving lessons has happened throughout this month. So here I am sharing these products while cuddled in a blanket feeling sorry for myself (small violins playing!)

Skin Care-
  L'Oreal Micellar Water- I use this with a cotton pad to take my make-up off. This is just a clear water without a scent but I feel as though this has helped my skin a lot as my acne has slowly calmed down, My make-up is on for around 9-10 hours so to take it off is my favourite part of the day.
L'Oreal Micellar Gel- I use this again with a cotton pad but this is for Eye make-up I have to admit I feel this is more of a hassle as it's such a messy process but I always go back to using this as it takes my mascara and eyeliner off so well (Much better than using face wipes)
Clean & Clear Shine Control Facial Wash- I use this after I have washed my face with the other Clean & Clear skin care product as this is such a calming face wash that my skin feels so refreshed once I have applied this it does have a slight scent but nothing too overpowering.
Clean & Clear Shine Control Facial Scrub- I use this once I have removed my make-up to get rid of any of the remainder on my skin. This is a facial scrub so it has the beads which gets rid of any dry skin.
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Face Products-
L'Oreal Triple Active Anti-Shine- This is a moisturiser which I'm using as it says 'Anti-Shine' anything which will combat my oily skin I will try and pray it will help my skin in some way. I am liking this as it is a thick consistency but make's my skin feel much more moisturised.
L'Oreal Studio Secrets Primer- I decided this month would be one where I started wearing primer's under my make-up so I picked this one up as I hadn't heard much about it. The consistency is again quite thick but instead of been a clear silicone based primer this is a foundation coloured cream which you apply like a normal primer. This makes my make-up last for a full 9-10 hour day while I'm at work.

Face Products-
Revlon Colourstay Foundation 110 Ivory- This is a foundation I love using as the formula is for Oily/Combination skin so this is great for my skin. I apply this on my problem area's so I know I will have coverage on those areas throughout the day. The shade is perfect for my skin tone which is another bonus. This will definitely be a foundation I will always use or go back to without a doubt.
Revlon Photoready Foundation 002 Vanilla- This is a foundation which I got for Cyprus  as I knew a lot of photo's would of been taken while been there. I recently rediscovered this and fell back in love with it as this makes my skin look flawless and this shade is a bit darker than the Revlon Colourstay but once applied together both foundations match together perfectly.

Face Products-
Sleek Blusher in 933 Coral- Sleek is a brand I have always liked but the blushers are the best from the brand I think. This shade is a more browner toned blusher which is what I have been reaching for this month as I have been loving the more bronzed look. These blushes last all day which is also a big bonus.
Rimmel Blusher in 010 Santa Rose- Again this blusher is a more neutral shade but this adds such a nice flush onto your cheeks which is why I apply this to add a bit of colour onto my skin. Rimmel is never a brand I go to for Blushers or anything like that but I'm so glad I actually picked this up.
Bourjois Bronzing Primer- This is a bronzer I have used this month to make my cheekbones more defined I apply this and then pop a bit of bronzer over the top of the primer so it wont budge throughout the day. I am reviewing this in the next couple of posts so I don't want to ramble on too much.

Lip Products-
Max Factor in 833 Rosewood- This is a lipstick I have fallen in love with as it's such a lovely neutral pink colour which I wear for work as it's such a lovely everyday colour.
Rimmel Kate Lipstick in 08- This is a lipstick which I rediscovered again it's a neutral pink colour but I seem to prefer that shade on me with my skin been so pale. I really like Rimmel's lipsticks so I definitely will be picking up some more.
Essence Lipstick in 15 Oh So Matt- This is a more nude colour but has a slight hint of pink, I have been using this when I haven't wanted to have much colour on my lips if my eye make-up has been dramatic or if I just don't want to wear much make-up.
Rimmel Kate Lipstick in 01 Red Nose- This was a limited edition lipstick for red nose day which I haven't been using until recently as I decided to start wearing a red lip again, I really enjoyed wearing this as it stayed put on my lips for most of the night that I wore it. I did have to use the tissue method to make it less eye catching as this is such a pillarbox red.

TV Shows-
Once Upon A Time- I started watching this a few weeks ago as I heard so much about this tv series been so good. I decided one night when Luke went out I would start watching this and well I'm hooked I love how it's fairytales set in the modern world which to me just makes this tv series so addictive.

5 Seconds Of Summer- I'm off to see these in Leeds on my birthday this year which makes me so excited! But I've recently been listening to their albums as I want to make sure I know every song and every word so I can sing along. (Counting down the days!!)

What's your April Favourites?

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