Friday, 15 May 2015

Boots Haul

Hello Everyone!
  So with the weekend been a bank holiday and it been payday there was only one thing I wanted to do this weekend- Shopping! I decided to take a trip to Boots as I don't really shop in there as much as I would like to. So here's to the pile of make-up I picked up while trailing my mum around Boots with me (She wasn't happy)

  As you can see I didn't hold back while browsing the make-up stands, I have to admit I did pick up most of the products I've been wanting to trial but never got round to picking them up, Yay to payday!

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint (Fair)- I bought this as I have always wanted to try this out it's a cream concealer which I'm wanting to try on my under eyes and with it been a thick consistency I'm hoping it will cover and last all day, The colour of this looks a bit too dark for my skin but under foundation this should be fine.
Collection Extreme Lengthening Mascara (Black)- This used to be a mascara I would always use but after a while it was always sold out so I started trying different mascara's but I saw this in Boots and decided to pick this up again, The brush is just basic but this does make my lashes a lot longer than they usually are and it lasts all day so I'm hoping I still love this like I did all that time ago.
Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation (2-Ivory)- This again was something I used when I first started wearing make-up but I'm kind of getting bored of the foundations I'm using at the minute so I want to try something different but I know this works so I thought I would pick this up. This is definitely a heavy foundation but definitely makes your skin flawless this also has 16 hour wear which I have to admit stays on for a normal day at work so I'm glad I picked this up again.

Seventeen Brow's That Brow Kit- I've needed a new brow kit for a while but I was holding onto my MUA palette as I've had that for so long, But I saw this on offer in Boots and decided to give this a go. You get a Brow wax, Powder, Highlighter, Pencil and brush in this palette which I think is really good for the price. I have no idea how this will live up to my MUA one but I will definitely post a review.
Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit- Again I've been looking for a good highlighter and Contour palette but I have just been using the Sleek one which I haven't really loved for a while now so once I saw this I definitely had to pick this up. The contour colour looks such a nice colour which will work with most skin tones and the highlighter will definitely work with my skin. Again I will definitely post a review of this.

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette- I bought this as I wanted a neutral palette to use on a daily basis and I saw this and thought this would definitely do the job it has a range from a highlighter colour to a matte dark brown colour so this will be great to do smokey eyes, You could also use this palette for your eyebrows to fill in and then highlight so I'm glad I picked this up.
Collection Field Day (1 Heather)- This is a new range which is for Collection so I picked this up as I really liked the colour I have to admit the colour is nice after a few coats but this is far too watery for my liking.
Barry M Nail Hardener, Basecoat and Topcoat- I bought this as I needed a new basecoat and this is a 3 in 1 product so decided this would work better in my favour definitely happy with this.
Barry M Nail Paint (Mediterranean 452)- I bought this as I have loved the rest of the Aquarium nail paints but I'm disappointed with this as it was far too opaque and the colour wasn't exactly what I was hoping it was.
Revlon Lip Butter (001 Pink Truffle)- I decided to pick quite a few of these up as I am starting to really enjoy using these so I picked this shade up as it would be a really nice nude colour to wear when I don't want much colour on my lips, I really like this shade.
Revlon Lip Butter (025 Peach Parfait)- This shade isn't one I would pick up usually but I really liked this when I swatched it in Boots so I'm hoping to get some wear out of this, It is a peachy tone with gold shimmer running through it.
Revlon Lip Butter (096 Macaroon)- This was a shade I fell in love with as it is a dark brown/ Red with a little hint of pink I literally love this shade and I will definitely be using this as much as possible.
Revlon Lip Butter (085 Sugar Plum)- This is the darkest shade out of all 4 I bought this is a dark plum colour but this one was a shade I thought I would definitely wear in Autumn/Winter stage but I will wear this before as I think it's such a lovely shade.

Maybelline Colour Sensational (630-Velvet Beige)- If you read my blog you should know I LOVE these lipsticks just because of the shades, Packaging and how the apply, I saw this shade and I thought I would definitely get wear out of this so I thought I would add this to my collection.
L'Oreal Colour Riche (J Lo's Nude)- I've wanted to try this range of lipsticks for so long so I decided to pick one up and I chose the J LO one as I thought that shade would suite me the best it's a more pink based nude which is normally the shade of nudes I tend to stick to as they suite my skin tone.
Max Factor Lipstick (853 Chilli)- This is a pillarbox red with a hint of gold shimmer running through it, I picked this up as I love these lipsticks and the packaging so I thought I would add another to my collection this shade was the only one which stood out to me so I thought I would buy it.
Seventeen Supreme Shine (Bon Bon)- This is a more brown shade rather than red but I picked this up as I loved the packaging and I thought I would give one of their lipsticks a go. I'm really happy with this shade as it is definitely one I will try and wear daily as it's such a nice brown/Nude shade.
P.S Very sorry about the long blog post (Definitely got an addiction!)
What have you bought from Boots recently?

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