Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Girl Online- Book Review

Hello Everyone!
  So I thought I would add something different into my blog as I have finally got out of my like 6 month reading slump (No lie it's been around six months in which I have not touched a single book)
 I decided to pick up Zoe Sugg's first novel- Girl online, I had seen the speculation around the 'ghost writing' of this novel which I guess put me off reading this but as I wanted something nice and cute to read this was my first choice.

  This book was exactly what I had wanted a sweet and cute little romance read, I have to admit the book was simply written which is why I may of finished it within 2 days (YES 2 DAYS!) but the target audience for this book was for the younger side of Zoe's fans, Eventhough this book was written very simply I still thought this had a great story behind it-
  The main character 'Penny' is the outcast of her social group in school as she is the clumsy/awkward one but writes an online blog under the alliance 'Girl Online' , She has a bestfriend called 'Elliot' who lives next door to her and has come out gay to his family (Which isn't an easy choice as his parents are strict lawyers) For some events which happen at the beginning of the book Penny and her family spend Christmas in New York where she meets a boy named 'Noah' Their relationship becomes more than friends.

I really did not expect to enjoy this as much as I did simply because of the target audience but I really enjoyed been part of the story of Penny and Noah. The characters were mainly the reason I read this so quick as they were so relatable, I thought the story was so good as it kept you hooked until the very last page with some few minor twists in the story I really enjoyed this.

Blogging was a main part of the storyline which I thought was such a good idea as now the blogging community is quite huge so most people know about it, I liked how Penny kept the blog a secret from her family (Apart from her bestfriend) I could relate to this as until recently not many of my family knew about my blog so I think I also enjoyed that aspect as I could relate.

The whole 'ghost written' speculation is something I didn't really read into before going into this book as I wanted to enjoy the book for what it was, I have to admit thought when reading this book I really could feel Zoe's personality shine through with some of the words/sentences used throughout this book.

THE ENDING! I really loved the ending of this book which made it end on a high with me having such a big grin on my face, Such a great way to end this book cannot wait for the second book to be released!

If your thinking of reading this book I highly recommend you do and as I said go into this book wanting to enjoy the book and storyline for what it is, You'll be surprised!
Shall I do more book reviews on my blog?

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