Friday, 22 May 2015

Top 5 Lipsticks

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would share my top 5 lipsticks I have been loving for the last couple of months and reach for on a daily basis.

  These are 5 lipsticks which are perfect for everyday and I wear these most days when I go to work as they all look great and natural, I prefer the more nude and pinks for work as I feel as though they aren't too in your face which isn't how I want to look for work.

Max Factor in 833 Rosewood
  This is one of my recent purchases but I'm so glad I did as the colour is perfect and the packaging is so nice and elegant with the gold. The colour is a nude pink which looks perfect for a natural day where I don't feel like wearing much makeup (Monday morning trauma!) In this post you will see I have this same lipstick but in a different packaging this is the newer version but the formula is completely different this is more of a matte shade from the older version but the colour looks exactly the same on the lips (Love them both equally though!)

Maybelline Coloursensation in 740 Coffee Craze
  This is a much more brown nude than any of the other lipsticks on this post but I love wearing this where I want to do more on my face make-up rather than my lips, So I mainly wear this towards the end of the week as by then I'm happy spending longer on my make-up as I'm slowly getting used to the early morning wake ups! I really love how moisturising these lipsticks are.

Maxfactor in 833 Rosewood
  This is the lipstick at the top of this post which is in the new packaging as you can tell that one has had such an upgrade as in appeal, I still love this packaging as this is the lipstick I fell in love with as the black and gold looked stunning together when I picked it up and the lipstick shade became my go-to colour when I couldn't decide, Like I said the lipsticks are very similar as in shade but the formula is definitely different as this has more of a sheen once applied but I do love this.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 07 Nude-Ist
  This is the only lipstick on this post where you apply by using a brush rather than the actual lipstick straight from it's packaging I have to say I didn't think I would like this product as much as I do but I really love how this applies and looks, The colour is a nude pink but looks stunning against my pale skin this is a matte edition meaning it dries matte which is something I'm really starting to like.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 107
  This is a lipstick that I only wear when I'm feeling daring but I have grown to like this as I apply it very lightly so it doesn't come across too strong. The packaging is one of my favourites as the red and black look really nice together, This is a colour which can come across far too dark on my lips because of my pale skin but I have learnt how to make it work after many attempts.

Swatches are L-R from the top lipstick to the bottom of this post

What's your top 5 lipsticks?

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