Friday, 8 May 2015

Waxbox May Edition

Hello Everyone!
 So today I have something exciting to share with you, I saw another blogger sign up for 'Waxbox' which is  a monthly box where you receive wax melts and small candles by different brands to try out and I thought this was right up my street as I love candles, So this was my first box and I thought I would share it with you!

  The packaging was so cutely wrapped and when I opened it I think I squealed with excitement, I also need to admit this box smelt incredible and even Luke commented on the smell and he doesn't really like scented candles or anything like that, So in the May edition I got 6 different brands to try which in some cases had more than one wax melt inside it's packaging which I thought was good.

  This wax melt is by a company called 'The Country Candle Company' and the scent of this is Amber and Lavender which I actually quite like both of these scents so together I thought this would be quite nice, It has a musky scent which reminds me of a men's aftershave but I really like the smell of this. You get 6 little cubes so this could last you a while depending how many you use to burn each time. The website for this company is HERE.

  These wax melts are from a company called 'Scented Heaven' and the scent for these are Black cherry bomb/ Cherry apple, I really love the smell of these as it's so sweet also these were the melts which Luke could smell once I opened the box (I think these may be his favourite) You get 4 in this package which again could last a while depending on how many you burn at once. The website for this company is HERE.

  This wax melt is by a company called 'Cali's Handmade Candle Co' the scent for this one is Baby Powder, I have to admit I love the look of these wax melts but this isn't really a scent I normally go for as I prefer more fruity scents but I still will burn this and see if I enjoy it, Definitely going to look on the website and buy some more to try though. The website for this company is HERE.

  This wax melt is by a company called 'Totally Tarty Licious' and the scent is Raspberry lemonade, This smells incredible and looks so cute I really am looking forward to burning this as this is the biggest wax melt I received in this box. But I really think this looks like soap for some reason but definitely looking on this website, The website for this company is HERE.

  This wax melt is by a company called 'Heart & Home' and the scent is Fresh Linen again I didn't expect to like this as I don't go for these sort of scents but I adore this scent as it's such a clean smell this will smell incredible when this is burning so looking forward to this. The website for this company is HERE.

  This is the smallest wax melt in the box and by a company called 'Butterfly Scents' and the scent is Red velvet, This smells so sweet I could literally eat it! I am looking forward to burning this but it's so small, But this was the only company which gave 10% off my next order with them when I use a discount code which I thought was a nice gesture. The website for this company is HERE.

  You also receive a little handwritten note which I thought gave the box a personalised touch which I really liked, I will definitely keep subscribed to this monthly box as I feel it's such a nice thing to look forward to each month and if you love candles like I do I'd definitely recommend checking them out, So happy with my May box- Bring on June! (Birthday Month also!) Waxbox's website is HERE.

Will you be checking these out?


  1. Hi Megan,I have just received my wax box too,and I agree these melts are lovely ,I just love the raspberry lemonade.This is my second box,last months was great too,I am now sooo looking forward to the June box.

  2. Hello, I was really surprised by how much I really liked the products inside, I really wish I would of joined sooner! Definitely looking forward to June.