Monday, 1 June 2015

Be Happy!

Hello Everyone!
  I've decided to start doing a bit more on my blog rather than just posting on a Friday so I decided to start doing a post on a Monday night which will (hopefully) motivate me and anyone else to start the week on a high! I know a quote won't really do much but it may change our mindset for the week ahead.

*Picture from Weheartit*
  I normally start the week off hating myself because I know it's back to getting up at stupid o'clock to get myself ready for the work week ahead, But starting from this month I'm wanting to start the week off thinking I will achieve certain things this week which I didn't do last week. This quote is such a good one to start off with simply because it is true 'Happy people shine brighter' If I see someone with a smile on their face I instantly smile to myself. This week is a good one for me as I'm not at work as it's my birthday on Wednesday (5SOS Concert!) and many shopping trips! 

I hope you all have a lovely week! 

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