Monday, 15 June 2015

Be Positive!

Hello Everyone!
  So today I thought I would write a post on something which I need to start doing a bit more often so I thought if I wrote about it that might make me start doing it.
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  I'm someone who has an opinion on most things but sometimes they aren't all positive and recently I'm not sure if it's because I haven't been feeling myself but I've been more negative than usual and I really need to stop! So been positive in my opinion is a mind set that you set yourself, Everyone has days where nothing goes right or work has been more stressful than usual but we all need to remember the small things that happen so I've decided on a night time before I fall asleep I'm going to think about the day I've had and ignore all the bad stuff that's happened and think of the small things that's happened which have made me smile or laugh as that's the things we should focus on the most. Rather than how long a pile of work will take to get done, what needs doing when you get home from a long day or how long it will take you to save up for something you've wanted for a while.
 I'm someone who does take life too seriously and I've realised I need to enjoy it more, Yes I enjoy sitting in bed writing a blog post or reading a book but I need to start doing more things which will make my days more interesting. I think I have more negative opinions/thoughts simply because I'm a girl who loves a good moan about things after a long day. 
  I've also decided on a morning when I get up I'm going to think of 5 things I want to achieve that day even if it's small things like- 
  Spending an extra 5 minutes doing my make-up
  Give Luke more cuddles than I normally do
  Cook myself something different to eat
Things like that which wont change much in that day but when I lay before falling asleep and I think back to that day I want those 5 things to be the things which have made me smile that day.

Could you be more positive?

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