Monday, 29 June 2015


Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday again- Time for the motivational Monday but it's a little different this week.
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  So this week is about Love simply because I've noticed a few things these last few days which I thought would be a good thing to write about. Relationships for me are hard simply because I'm a girl who's mood can change within seconds and it's something I cannot control and I always regret it afterwards. The positive blog post I wrote a few weeks ago now was something I really wanted to try out and change about myself so for the past few weeks I've done what I said I would do in the blog post and I can honestly say I've seen a difference in myself and how I act around Luke. 
  Mine and Luke's relationship is obviously something I will keep private as it's not something I will post all over my blog but I thought I would simply write this post as it's something I wanted to talk about and this is a place I want to share things on (Apologises if you don't want to read these kind of posts) but our relationship is the only one where I have felt truly myself in as I know Luke is comfortable around me it makes me just be myself around him and we honestly do act like a married couple. These last couple of weeks though I have seen a massive difference with us both as we've kind of come out of the 'rut' we got in at the beginning of our relationship and are now enjoying each others company more. I'm a girl who will do anything for anyone if it makes them happy and it feels so different because that is how Luke is for me and he's so lovely I honestly cannot understand how I can say he is my boyfriend. 
  We argue like any couple does if we have a discussion and one of us thinks the other is in the wrong or we have different opinions on certain things but in the end we always both apologise and things go back to normal. I find it strange how we get on so well as we are complete opposites when it comes to hobbies or music taste but it's incredible how much we both stand by each other and we are always there for each other- I know if I need to talk/rant about anything Luke will just sit and listen and give me a cuddle.
  This post was simply just one where I could ramble about how things have changed for the better recently and i'm sorry if this doesn't make any sense but I just needed to have a ramble post I think.
Have a lovely week everyone!

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