Friday, 26 June 2015

Makeup Revolution Haul

Hello Everyone!
  I'm here with another haul I'm so bad! But I've been seeing this products everywhere and they aren't too expensive to buy so I decided I wanted to try some of these products- Also because I joined as a new member I received 25% off my first order so there was no turning back.
  When I was placing my order there was an offer to buy 3 eyeshadow palettes for the price of 2 and I've been wanting to try these 3 palettes for a while so I decided to pick those up. The rest of this haul was just purely I saw it on the website and wanted to try it. (No shame whatsoever!)

  Triple Baked Bronzer in Love Hot Summer- HERE.
This is a bronzer which is a baked one so it has three different shades mixed into this, I picked this one as it seemed the nicest shade which I thought would go with my skin tone. I absolutely ADORE the packaging on these as it's so cute and looks incredible in my make-up collection.
Triple Baked Blusher in Blushing Heart- HERE.
  This is the same product as above but this is in a blusher form I picked this shade up as I preferred the three shades as I knew I would prefer to wear this on an everyday basis so these shades are perfect. Again I love the packaging of these which is a reason why I love these products. I hope I still love these when I start using them on an everyday basis.
 Lip Lava in Forgiven- HERE.
  I picked this up simply because of the shade, It's a subtle nude which I think I may like once applied to the lips. I also picked this up as I saw somebody talking about it on Youtube so I decided to give it a go as it wasn't too expensive so if I don't like how this feels or looks on my lips I can just get rid of this.
Eyeshadow in Delicious- HERE.
  I bought this as by reading a few blogposts and Youtube videos people have said this is a great shade to use to contour, I know this is an eyeshadow which scares me a little but I really want to see if this would work as a contour shade it's very matte but it looks a bit too dark but I'll definitely give it a go. 
Salvation Palette in Give Them Nightmares- HERE.
  This eye palette is full of green and purple shades which is something a little different for me but I decided I would pick this up as with it having darker shades this would be good for when I want to do a more dramatic look which I'm excited to try and cannot wait to see what these eyeshadow's are like to apply.
Salvation Palette in What Are You Waiting For- HERE.
  This palette is more in my comfort zone as the shades are more neutral and more golden shades which I apply on an everyday basis as I think it adds more warmth to my face so when I saw this palette I knew I had to buy this. It has shimmers and matte shades which is perfect for me. Definitely looking forward to wearing this.
Salvation Palette in Girls On Film- HERE.
  This palette is again one which is in my comfort zone but this one has a lot more shimmer shades which I quite like as I prefer to wear these on a daily basis for work as I think they make me look more awake (I never am though!) Shimmer shades seem to make my eyes pop so I much more prefer to wear these.
Blush Palette in Hot Spice- HERE.
  I already have one blush palette from Makeup Revolution and I really like how they apply and what they look like on my skin so I decided to buy another. I bought this palette in this shade as the blushes are dark and coral shades which I'm preferring to wear at this moment in time so I decided to pick this up. There are two baked blushes in this palette one is more of a highlighting shade and the other is very similar to the baked blusher in Blushing Heart. I know I will be using this palette a lot so I'll definitely get my money's worth.

Have you bought anything from Makeup Revolution?

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