Friday, 5 June 2015

May Favourites-

Hello Everyone!
  So today is going to be my 'May Favourites' This month hasn't really been that exciting for me I have to admit as it's just been the same routine but I'm definitely looking forward to the month of June (My birthday and 5 seconds of summer concert!) So here are the things I've been reaching for this month-
  This month for me was about me just relaxing and trying not to stress about much simply because for the last few months I've done nothing but constantly worry about anything and everything which I know I shouldn't do but hey I guess that's the sort of person I am, This month has also been a month where I've sat back and thought about certain things in more detail into how to solve my problems and issues. (Less of the depressing talks and let's get on with the blog post Megan!)

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in 1C0 Shell- This foundation has become my go-to foundation as it lasts all day and make's my skin look flawless, I wear this on a daily basis as I know it will last while I'm working and the shade suits me perfectly. The foundation is also great for oily skin which is a bonus for me.
L'Oreal True Match Foundation in N1 Ivory- This foundation has always been a repurchase for me when I had run out as this makes my skin flawless and it was one of the foundations which was a perfect shade for me, I decided to use this instead of my Revlon foundation as I was getting bored of using that one.
Seventeen Phwoarr Paint (Fair)- This concealer is one I've been loving as it's such a heavy coverage concealer which I apply under my eyes but the coverage is incredible so I don't have to apply as much foundation.
Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit- I have been using this constantly this month as I think this is such a great product for it's price, I have to admit I haven't used the highlighter as much as I thought I would but I think I will start using that in time but the bronzer in this is such a great matte shade and suites my skin perfectly, The product lasts all day but I do re-apply so it's still fresh on my skin.
Bourjois Bronzing Primer- This is a product I enjoy using but I don't use it very often until this month, I apply this before I apply the Seventeen contour kit as I feel it makes it stay a lot longer on my skin as the powder has something to stick to on my skin as the Bourjois product is a cream product. If you want my review on this then check it out HERE.
Sleek Blusher in 933 Coral- Sleek blushers are the brand I mainly stick to when picking up new blushers as the staying powder and shade range is incredible, I really love the packaging of the blushers too. This shade in particular is one I use a lot as it's more of a bronze shade which is one I seem to prefer wearing rather than pinks or anything like that, I definitely recommend Sleek blushers.  

Maybelline Coloursensational Lipstick in 815 Tenacious Taupe- As I've said before these lipsticks are my favourite and I've suddenly started enjoying using nude colours, This shade is a light brown nude which looks stunning with a bronze eye and cheeks which I've been going for recently. This lipsticks are so moisturising I don't need to apply a lip balm before them.
Maybelline Coloursensational Lipstick in 740 Coffee Craze- Again this is a nude shade but this one is more of a darker shade but they are identical. This was a lipstick which was limited edition so unfortunately you can't buy this now unless they are on Ebay but the Tenacious Taupe one would be a great lipstick if your wanting a nude shade. I prefer this colour though as with it been a bit darker it adds a little hint of brown on my lips whereas the Tenacious Taupe one is a very light nude shade.
Seventeen Supreme Shine Lipstick in Bon Bon- The seventeen lipsticks are amazing for their price and this shade is definitely one of my favourites as it's a brown shade with a hint of red in it, I prefer to wear this when my make-up isn't as full on so you can pay more attention to this lipstick as it's such an incredible shade. 
Carmex Lip Balm in Cherry- I really love Carmex lip balms as they are so heavy duty they make my lips super soft within the space of 10 minutes, The cherry flavour is much better than the original which is why I always opt for the Cherry flavour. This been a tub means it will last me so long but I have been using this regular this month as I've been suffering with dry lips and a few coldsores (Which I've never had before... Strange!) But this has sorted them out immensely so I'm truly grateful I picked this up when I did.

Girl Online- Zoe Sugg- I LOVED this book this month as it was such a cute read I really enjoyed every minute of reading this, I'm not going to say much as I reviewed it on my blog which you can read HERE. All I can say is definitely check this book out.
  Where The Road Takes Me- Jay McLean- I'm only half way through this book but I am really enjoying this book, It's a simple romance story involving a boy called Blake and a girl called Chloe but they both have pasts which come out throughout the story. I'm half way through but I'm looking forward to see what happens in this book.
Tv Programmes-
Pretty Little Liars- I'm a little late on this band wagon but I've been enjoying Pretty Little Liars this month I did start watching it when it first came out but stopped for some reason so I picked up where I left off and have been enjoying catching up on this. 

I hope you have all had a lovely month of May,
What's your favourites this month?

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