Monday, 8 June 2015

Self Belief!

Hello Everyone!
  So today's Monday post is about 'Self Belief' now I have to admit I don't believe in myself that much but this week for me has made me realise quite a lot about myself.
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  This week for me has been an amazing week but also a hard one towards the end. At the beginning of this week it was my birthday and 5 Seconds Of Summer concert and I really enjoyed myself and the concert was incredible. The end of this week I had a couple of personal problems creep up which I never expected to happen, All I can say is this week has made me realise one thing.
  No matter what happens YOU will always be the person who can change how a situation goes. Yes family and friends will stand by you but only yourself can choose how you want something to happen.
  If that means your wanting a new career, Hobby or relationship you are the only person who can steer you career onto the correct path to do something you enjoy. You are the only person who can choose a hobby which you will enjoy spending your free time doing or starting a relationship with someone new.
  Most people think that the people you meet along your path change how your life turns out but that is sometimes true but most of the time it is only you who can change how your future will turn out.
Again I know a quote won't really do much but it may change our mindset for the week ahead.
Do you believe in yourself?


  1. Love this post, it's always nice to remind yourself to have some self belief and you are in charge of your future.
    Happy belated birthday, and i'm glad you enjoyed your concert!
    Kim x And On That Note She Wrote|Bloglovin

  2. Thankyou I'm glad you liked it!:) and Thanks probably the best birthday I've had in a while!

    Meg xo