Sunday, 28 June 2015

Weekly Summary #1

Weekly Summary (22/06-28/06)
  Hello Everyone!
  So I've decided to start doing a weekly summary as it will add a more personal touch to my blog and I can then look back on these posts whenever I'm wanting to have a read. I'm going to class these as if it was a diary entry and if I don't enjoy doing these I'll stop it's just a trial and error period at the moment.
Monday was a hectic day for me as I had to get up at 5:30am to be at work for 7am as we were having a few big meeting and I had to make sure everything was in the correct order before anyone arrived- No one arrived until 8:30-9am so it was a pointless early start which put me in a bad mood (Great start to Monday!) After work I decided to just have a nice bubble bath, Get into my pyjamas well my onesie and watch a few Youtube videos that I wanted to catch up on.

  Tuesday wasn't as hectic I have to admit but work wise I was catching up on my own work and learning some new things in the office so time seemed to fly by which was a good thing definitely- I had my driving lesson at 5:30 I have to admit it didn't go amazing but it did go okay plus I drove from start to finish in the lesson so that was a change but I definitely enjoyed it. I keep progressing each lesson so I'm happy with how it's going. When I got home from my lesson I had something to eat, Took my make-up off and made myself a cup of tea whilst I was reading my book which I'm currently reading I was shattered so I went to sleep earlier than I usually would.

Wednesday again wasn't too hectic at work as I was just catching up on my work load and doing my emails so it was a nice easy day for me, I was also doing a bit of the work I was learning on Tuesday at work so I really enjoyed doing something different at work. After work I quickly washed my hair and got ready as we were going to Luke's mum's for a little while, As I can't drive (At the moment) we have to walk which takes around half an hour to get there. Once we set off back home we rung and ordered a takeaway so it would be delivered for when we got home- We simply order a chicken korma and rice so it was a small order. It took an hour and a half to get delivered to our house. I've never been so annoyed! Once we'd eaten we both fell asleep watching Family Guy (As usual!)

Thursday wasn't a hectic day work wise until around 11am as we had to organise a buffet for around 20 people we had no food in the kitchen and I hadn't ordered a buffet as I didn't know we had meetings this week so I had to quickly go to the local Morrison's near my work to get the food for the buffet and once I got back I had to get it all organised ready for when the meeting had finished for a break so they could have lunch, So Thursday went really quick for me which was good. After work because I was so tired I decided to stay in and get a nice bath I used Lush 'Fizzbanger' bath bomb in the bath which I've never used before and I really liked it. After the bath I just made myself a cup of tea and watched Netflix until Luke came home.

Friday at work was a nice relaxing day as it was dress down day so we could wear our own clothes so I was really comfortable in my own clothes and was again just catching up on my work as I'm a bit behind from when I was on holiday. Again we had to make a buffet as no-one had let us know we needed one again so I made the trip to Morrison's again and got back to make the buffet just in time for when the visitors had their lunch. After work we were going into town for one of the girl's birthday who I work with so when we got into town we had cocktails in a cocktail bar called 'Slug & Lettuce' it's a really nice bar. We then headed over to Frankie & Benny's for tea which I got a pasta dish which had pepperonis, Chicken and bacon in (It was SO nice!) we also had cocktails in there. We then went to a karaoke bar which is a tradition in the office so we had an hour slot in there and had more cocktails and shots! After that I made my way home as I was meeting Luke so I met up with Luke and went home for cuddles, I had also scheduled my weekly post and blogger actually uploaded two posts instead of just one oops!

Saturday was probably my favourite day of this week as it was payday on Friday so me and Luke decided to go shopping in town (It was so packed!) and with the weather been so hot it was a struggle around town but we went shopping and I bought 2 dresses from Miss Selfridge and a bag which I really like. We had lunch and a little walk round enjoying the sunshine and decided to go home. Once we got home I had a shower and got changed and we went to Luke's mum's again. Once we came home I ordered a chinese and Luke ordered a pizza for himself after we had eaten that we started watching a film on Now Tv and fell asleep.

Sunday is always a day I just chill out as I really enjoy just watching tv and getting a bath on a Sunday but today we went to Tesco so I could stock up on little things like shampoo, conditioner and some skincare bits for the month and we got some lunch while we was there. We then went to Luke's hairdressers for him to get his hair cut and took a walk back and the weather was beautiful again and you have to enjoy the sun while you can. Once we got back I decided to clean round, make myself something to eat and I then ran myself a bath whilst watching some Youtube video's. Sunday is a day where I mainly catch up on Youtube videos as I don't really watch them through the week. After I had done that I made myself a cup of tea and edited this blog post.

I have to admit my week's are sometimes boring but I thought it would be something different to bring to my blog.  
How has your week been?

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