Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Where The Road Takes Me- Book Review

Hello Everyone!
  So today's post is again another book review which I have just finished- This book is one I've been eyeing up reading for a few months now and I'm so glad I finally got round to read it.

  This book is by the author 'Jay Mclean' and it is a contemporary book, I bought this on my kindle a while back and finally got round to it. The story involves a boy called 'Blake' and a girl named 'Chloe' they are both on each end of the spectrum in high school. Chloe is a girl who likes to be on her own and be invisible to everyone else whereas Blake is one of the popular boys at school who dates the girl and plays basketball. This story is a bit clich√© at the beginning of the story but towards the end of the book I changed my mind completely.
  Where the Road Takes Me is a heartwarming, poignant story about love, friendships, family healing, change, trust, loss and happiness.
  The story for me was an emotional one which took me by surprise as I didn't expect this book to be as deep as it was when it got to the end I can't say why as that would spoil the book for anyone who wants to read this but all I will say is you don't see it coming. Blake and Chloe were characters I feel in love with throughout this story Blake was the guy every girl would love to date as he did everything a girl would adore their boyfriend to do, Chloe was a girl who I could relate to and throughout the book I just wanted to become her friend and give her a cuddle. 
I loved how this story and their relationship developed throughout the book as I never wanted this to end and once every chapter finished I wanted to carry on reading to see what happened between them both, This is one of the stories I have read this year which I have fallen in love with and it's became one of my favourites.
  If your a fan of Young Adult / Contemporary books I would definitely recommend this.

“Sometimes the wrong path can lead us to the right road. And towards the greatest thing that will ever happen to us”

If you want to check this story out you can buy it HERE.
What books have you been reading?

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