Friday, 17 July 2015

Avon Haul

Hello Everyone!
  So I'm going to be doing a small haul today on the things I've bought from Avon recently, I don't order from Avon simply because nothing normally catches my eye but this time I saw a few bits I wanted to try.

  Avon in my opinion isn't the cheapest of places to get make-up so I always decide to stick away from ordering and buy make-up from Superdrug, Boots or Feelunique. It's simply because only certain make-up products I've tried I've liked others I've thought could be better saying that the things I bought this time are all amazing products so here we go.
  Perfumes from Avon are probably one of the things I do buy regular, This one was a new perfume and from the scented tester on the page I really liked how this smelt, It was £10 which is reasonable for a ladies perfume. The scent is quite a floral one and reminds me of another perfume but I can't pin point which one, When I first applied this is smelt like watermelon which I wasn't keen on but once it's applied and has sunk into your skin it smells amazing, The lasting power isn't great but because it wasn't expensive I just keep it in my bag and reapply when I think it's needed. The appearance of this perfume I really like as the glass bottle just looks elegant and expensive, I love the gold bow on the top of the bottle as it just adds to the bottle.
  I decided to try an eye shadow palette from Avon as I'm really getting into having eye shadow palettes so this one just caught my eye as the shades were different to what I normally pick up. The palette is called 'Smoky Plums'  and it's all shades of pink and purple and I used this on my eyes recently and it just made my eyes pop which I really liked. The shades are easy to apply and look incredible all together and blended well. These were on offer which is why I bought this but I'm really glad I did as I think I will get many uses out of it.

  Lip liners are something I rarely buy or even use but this again was on offer so I decided to pick one up, I got this in the shade 'Pink Cashmere' which is a lovely pink shade which is quite natural colour which I think is perfect. It's one of those liners which you twist to get more of the liner out or twist it to put it away when your not using it. I'm not sure if this will be a product I will pick up to use everyday but I'm glad I now have a lip liner in my collection. Again I've applied this recently and I love how it applied as it was very moisturising and the colour was such a lovely nude pink which is just a little darker than my natural lip colour but it stayed put for most of the time I wore it which was good.

  Lipsticks are again one of my favourite things from Avon as I think they have such good shades and they last a while once applied these two were lipsticks I've never seen before in the Avon book so I'm guessing they are new- (R)  Toasted Rose (L) Tawny Rose. Both lipsticks are quite similar in shades but the Tawny Rose one is a little darker these both suite my skin tone so I really like these, They are a red/brown shade which I think looks nice so these were both a good buy. They both have formula's which are to moisturise your lips when applied so I'm looking forward to using these, The lipsticks are in such sleek packaging also as the black and sliver just look amazing together so I definitely wont mind keeping these in my bag.
Do you buy from Avon?

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