Friday, 31 July 2015

July Favourites-

Hello Everyone!
  So I'm here today with my July Favourites, This month has been a funny one for me where I've learnt a few things about myself and have taken a few things on board (Less of the chitchat!) Let's get onto my favourites of the month-
  My make-up has been quite a dramatic change this month as I've started wearing eye shadow for work and making more effort with my make-up for a daily basis but I've kept it to a minimal for this post as it would of been a long one if not.

  Gosh X-Ceptional Wear Foundation (11 Porcelain) This month my skin has been breaking out really bad as I've been quite stressed the past few weeks so I decided to strip back my base make-up and stick to a foundation I knew would help my skin- Gosh foundation is one I've had for years and I mainly just use this when I'm having 'Bad Skin' weeks as it makes my skin flawless and it isn't too heavy on my skin which I like.
  Clinique Chubby Stick (01 Curvy Contour) I only bought this at the beginning of July but I adore using this as it make's my contour more natural and it's not much fuss on a morning which is what I like, I already have a post on my blog about this product so I won't talk too much about this but I'm really glad I picked this up and the shade of this isn't too dark for my skin tone which is really good.
Make-up Revolution Eye shadow (Delicious) I bought this as I had heard this was a great product for contouring eventhough it is an eye shadow I really do like using this to make my contour more defined and noticeable, The shade isn't too dark but I still apply this with a light hand as I don't want to apply too much  resulting in it been really dark on my skin.

  Stila Convertible Colour (Peony) I again bought this product at the beginning of this month which again is in another blog post but I have wanted to try one of these blushes out for such a long time so I decided to pick it up and thought this shade was the most usable out of them all (I will definitely buy more) but I have been using this on a daily basis as it has been leaving such a nice shade on my cheeks which I've really been enjoying this month.
  Revlon Lip Butter (096 Macaroon) I really do love using Revlon's lip butters but this shade is the one I've reached for this month as I really love this on my lips as it's a dark pink but when applied it adds a nice pop of colour to my lips- I mainly apply these lipsticks for weekdays as I feel as lip butters aren't as pigmented as a lip colour so I don't look like I've put too much effort into my make-up (I don't like to apply too much make-up for work!).
Revlon Lipstick (220 Juicy Apricot) This is a lipstick I had bought a long time ago but have recently just fallen back in love with it as it's one of those shades where it's a neutral/natural shade but these lipsticks are very moisturising as it between the actual lipstick it has a lip balm inside which I think is a really good idea but I have just really been loving the shade of this lipstick for when I'm not wanting to apply much make-up if I'm just having a walk with Luke or just nipping to the shop.

Avon Nailwear Pro + (Naked Truth) As you can see this nail polish is at it's end but I really love this shade as it's such a natural pink colour it goes with everything as it's such a nice shade, These nail polishes don't seem to budge so they don't chip or fade after wearing it which is another thing I really love as nail polish doesn't last very long for me but this lasts so long on my nails.
  Avon Stardust Nail Enamel (Crystallised Pink) This has been a nail polish I have literally LOVED this month as it just looks stunning on the nails and it's so pigmented I just think it looks incredible on the nails. I apply this over the other Avon nail polish and again this just lasts so long I don't even need to reapply after a while as it's still there which I think is so good! I've got this on my nails right now and I've had it on for the past 2 weeks (It still looks like I've only just applied it!)

Tv Shows-
Pretty Little Liars- I've been really getting back into this recently and I'm so glad I am as I'm really loving watching it on Netflix and it'll take me a while to catch up but I'm really looking forward to see what happens throughout each season.
Ella Eyre- We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off (Whipped Cream Remix) HERE.
This song was one I found when I was listening to the original one and I've just really enjoyed listening to this when getting ready or writing a blog post (Luke's influence on music here)
Communion-Years & Years- This album has been one I've really enjoyed listening to as I really like Years & Years and every song I really enjoy on this album so I really love this album.
Freak Of The Week- Krept & Konan- This song is one I've also enjoyed listening to this month as I just really enjoy it- This is a song me and Luke have a sing a long too (I'm actually been serious!)
She's Kinda Hot- 5 Seconds Of Summer- I'm a big 5 Seconds Of Summer so when this got released I literally listened to it on repeat for absolutely ages, It's a little different to their normal stuff but I like it.
Ugly Love- Colleen Hoover- This book was one which I literally had a rollercoaster of emotions when I read this and I fell in love with the book and the author, You can read my review HERE.
What's been your favourites in July?

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