Monday, 13 July 2015


Hello Everyone!
  So last week was a very weird one for me as work was just really strange and busy as 2 of the girls from the office had decided to leave without much notice and 1 girl was on holiday so we had like double our normal work load which wasn't great for me as work is normally busy for me anyway, Also my mood hasn't been great last week as I was quite fed up and down about things until I had my driving lesson which dramatically put me in such a good mood for the rest of the week.
*Picture from Weheartit*
  As I've been fed up this week I decided one night after work I would sit down and think about what was making me upset/fed up and change whatever it was, I found this quote on weheartit and it just suited perfectly. I'm one of those people who believe nothing will change unless you change it yourself which is true nothing in your life will change unless you change the path your walking on in life. 
  I've been down about work, my routine and just been feeling really lonely recently which isn't great but I guess like everyone else you just cope with it and your mood changes after a while. This quote is one I've just been looking at every morning before work just to give me a bit of power for the day ahead (My cup of tea comes first though!) It has been working but I was still feeling down for a while and it still hasn't budged yet. I've realised though I need to work to stop me from being bored to death on a daily basis, I need money to fuel my shopping addiction and addiction to buying new make-up. All that couldn't happen if I wasn't working, I also know that I need to work to achieve what I want to do in the future which is a reason I'm quite motivated to sticking to where I'm working at the moment as I'm content with the work I'm doing just bored of the same routine day in day out. I'm motivated to earn my own living so I can fund my own bills or shopping sprees as I'm quite an independent person.
  Basically what I'm trying to say is no matter how fed up of the routine your doing or fed up of where your working just think you need to work to earn a living and you can only change your life if your willing to make things work in the meantime, Every morning just get up and think of an overall picture of what you want to achieve and everyday just work a little to take a few steps towards that overall picture.

I hope you all have a lovely week!

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