Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Ugly Love- Book Review

Hello Everyone!
So another book review here and today's is going to be Ugly Love- Colleen Hoover, I've only ever read one book by this author but saw a few reviews about this book and decided to pick this up.

  This books is a YA contemporary novel which are my favourites to read so I did really enjoy this book, This was about a girl called 'Tate' and a boy called 'Miles' It starts off the story where Tate is staying with her brother who is a pilot in his apartment for a while and she's studying to be a nurse so she works at the hospital, At the beginning of the book you meet a character called 'Cap' who helps Tate into the lift and throughout the books she becomes really good friends with him and although he is 80 he's humour is incredible he became I character I fell in love with. Throughout the book you get flashbacks into Miles when he was a teenager which gives you a back story into why he acts like he does which was something I enjoyed as I love finding out about him and each chapter when it was a flashback became my favourite chapters.
  Tate was a character again I ended up relating to in many ways as just certain things which happened to her or she spoke about in the book had happened to me. She was a very likeable character, Miles was a character at first I really disliked as I just couldn't understand his character and how he acted towards Tate but he was a character who at the end of the book you understood why he was like that, He was a very guarded person who didn't like getting asked questions- Throughout the whole of the book you just knew Tate and Miles had feelings for each other it was obvious but Tate made her feelings clear whereas Miles kept his feelings reserved.
  I love Colleen's writing style as it just sucks me in and I feel like I'm in the story myself, The storyline for this book was one I really enjoyed as it was just one which kept me interested and I wanted to see what happened to all the characters it was only I truly enjoyed and I finished it within a few days which is a record for me.
  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys contemporary books as you will definitely the characters and the plot- It's a definite read which everyone will enjoy.
You can get the book HERE.
Has anybody read that?

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