Sunday, 5 July 2015

Weekly Summary #2

Weekly Summary (29/0-03/07)

Hello Everyone!
  So here's my summary of this week- Not very exciting but still thought I would share my boring week with you all so enjoy (If you can!)

  Monday was a slow day at work as well I'd had a lovely weekend I really wasn't looking forward to going back to sitting at a desk all day while the sun was shining outside and the temperature was rising (Joys of working!) but the girl who sits next to me was back off her 2 weeks holiday today so we had a good catch up and was chatting away throughout the day so I had quite a good day. After work I went home and changed into my Pj's and we had Subway for tea, I decided I'd be a bit productive so I took some blog pictures and decided to write some posts so I did that whilst listening to Spotify. After I'd done those I painted my nails and watched a bit of Netflix whilst reading some magazines- My favourite kind of Monday. 

  Tuesday was an awful day at work the weather was beautiful outside but the temperature was the awful muggy weather where I just couldn't breathe and no matter how many glasses of water I drunk I just couldn't cool down at all. I was just at my desk doing my work today though so it wasn't too hard work wise just the weather was so draining. After work I went straight home and took my make-up and changed into a playsuit and sat in the back garden with my book for a few hours, After I got a bit bored of sitting outside I decided to make myself something to eat so I made a jacket potato and salad it was so nice! After that I just washed my hair as I literally had no energy to get a full shower and went and sat outside as it had started to cool down which was good.

  Wednesday was another awful day at work simply for the same reason as Tuesday but the temperature reached like 35 degrees which was unbelievable! Again I didn't have much work to do so I was helping everyone with their work which was okay as it passed the day on plus we were planning a little 'Hogroast' for work since the weather has been so nice recently. After work I got a shower as I just felt disgusting, my make-up felt like it had melted on my face and everything... Yuk! I then had tea which we just had hotdogs and I decided to read for a while, When Luke got home we started watching the tv show 'Mentalist' as a girl at work said it's really good so we started watching that then we went to sleep- Well tried to sleep in the boiling temperature!

  Thursday was my last day at work this week as I had Friday off so I have to admit I was busy today as visitors were there meaning refreshments and buffets were my job for most of the day but then I made sure I was up to date with my work ready for Monday next week- It wasn't as warm at work which was good! After work I had my driving lesson at 5:30- It started to chuck it down when I was about to go to my driving instructors car but bless Luke he walked me over under an umbrella, He was soaked on the way back to our house to say the least, My driving lesson went really well and I'm really getting into driving now as I'm really wanting to just pass now as I get bored very easily but I know in the end all these lessons and stuff will come to an end once I pass, The traffic I have to admit was horrible but I got through it without any mistakes! After my driving lesson I had salad for tea, got a quick shower and read my book for a while with a cup of tea as I just wanted to relax for the rest of the night- The heat is definitely getting to me.

  Friday was such a nice day as I wasn't at work so I got up with my mum to take my little brother to school, we then went shopping for a little bit as I had a dentist appointment at 10:15, They were running late so I didn't get in the room until about 10:45 after that we went food shopping as I wanted to buy a few things for myself through the week. After that we went to B&Q and I bought a little cactus it's so cute! We then went to pick my little brother back up from school and I then had a doctors appointment for a blood test (Never had one before!) After there we came home and I had a nice long bath followed by a pamper evening as I just wasn't in the best of moods it definitely cheered me up. Luke had gone out with his friends so I was enjoying my own space for a while, I then typed up a few blog posts and decided to pick a new book to read as I finished my other one on Thursday night. I made myself a hot chocolate with some snacks and laid in bed watching 'The Mentalist' once Luke got home he was quite drunk and he was sick all over (literally!) so I had to make sure he was okay and everything so I put him into bed and watched Family Guy until I fell asleep with Luke snoring at the side of me- He was definitely out for the count .

  Saturday was a lovely day I woke up made my breakfast then decided to watch a few Youtube videos until Luke decided to wake up, He had a eye test at around 2pm so we just cuddled watching Tv until around 12 and then I started getting ready while Luke put some music on and got ready himself. Once we were both ready we took a slow walk up so Luke could get his eye test done and once he'd picked his glasses out and everything we then did a bit of shopping and I just got the few bits I needed. Once we got home we made something to eat and watched Tv for a bit. Luke was off out with his friends again so I got ready and went for a meal with my mum, nan and my little brother. Once we got home I got changed and did a little exercise as my stomach was really hurting with the starting of my 'time of the month' and exercise always helps. After that I just sat watching tv with everyone downstairs until I got bored so I got my laptop out and watched a few Youtube videos and then I decided to go and get settled in bed ready for when Luke came home, Again I was watching 'The Mentalist' it's so good!

  Sunday as I said last week is normally a day I just relax but this Sunday we made a trip to the local pet shop as one of our Leopard Gecko's hasn't been eating for a while so it's lost quite a bit of weight so me and Luke were beginning to get a little worried so we took it down with us so the Reptile guy there could have a look for us. He told us to buy some supplements to put in it's drinking water so we bought that and some food for the lizards (We have 2 if you didn't know) Once we got home we were just sort of handling the lizard and it's stomach looked a little swollen so I asked Luke to hold it up so I could look at it's stomach which we then found it it's actually wanting to hatch some eggs which is why it's stomach is swollen and the eggs are really defined in the stomach. I've never had a reptile for a pet before so I have researched a lot about them which is why I knew that they were eggs in her stomach. So we have a female and male lizard which we didn't know before- Later on in the day I cleaned my bedroom whilst waiting for my bath to run once it had run and was cool I got a quick bath and then painted my nails in the 'Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Prickly Pear' I then had lasagna, salad and garlic bread for tea and sat writing a few blog posts while listening to music. I then got all my stuff ready for work and sat down to watch a film with my mum, dad and little brother. Once the film had finished I was a little tired so I went to bed and waited for Luke to get back from his mum's so I could have cuddles (A perfect Sunday Evening!)

How has your week been?

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