Sunday, 12 July 2015

Weekly Summary #3

Weekly Summary (06/07-12/07)

Hello Everyone!
  Here's another summary of my week I hope you enjoy hearing about my week- Nothing exciting.

  Monday was probably one of the worst days I've had for a while, After I posted last week's summary post I was just so fed up and down I had no idea what had started it off I'd just have a few days where I just didn't feel great. I literally just laid crying while Luke cuddled me on Sunday night so when Monday came around and I was back at work I just wasn't up for it so at work I just kind of stayed at my desk keeping my head down it did go quick which was the good part- After work I got home and ran a bath, Made myself a cup of tea and just sat watching Youtube videos. I have to admit right now typing this little bit of the start of this post I feel much better than I was Sunday night so hopefully it's starting to look up. (Rubbish start to the week!)

  Tuesday I have to admit I felt a little better when I woke up, Work went so quickly today simply because I've been so busy. One girl in our office has left and one's on holiday so it's hectic at the moment trying to keep on top of all the work so I was mainly at my desk again today which I didn't mind. After work I went to tesco for a few little bits like hairspray and eyeliner as mine had started to dry out. Once I'd got home from tesco I got changed into my pj's, made my tea and sat eating that whilst watching Youtube videos, I then cleaned my bedroom a little as this morning I dropped my powder and it went all over the floor! (Stupid!) So I cleaned that then sat and watched Netflix whilst reading my book.

  Wednesday was a very hectic day in work as another girl decided to leave meaning we're like 3 staff down so our work loads have like doubled keeping up with everyone else's work, The day flew and I literally didn't have any time to even look at the clock which is a good thing, After work me and Luke decided to just lay listening to music for a few hours which was so relaxing. After that we decided to have takeaway's for tea so I got my favourite which is chinese and Luke doesn't like that so he ordered himself a pizza and chips meal thing, I enjoyed it so much! After tea I got a nice bath which helped with my stomach ache and everything like that which was lovely as I felt so refreshed after the bath. After that I decided to just relax for the rest of the night so I just went over my nails again and read my book with a hot chocolate until something good came onto the Tv.

  Thursday was another busy day at work and again I didn't get chance to look at the clock, I started one job and then got another 4 things on my desk to do (Too much to do!) I was freezing all day too as I just couldn't get warm I could of done with a nice blanket under my desk haha, After work I had my driving lesson at 5:30 so I got home and quickly got ready for when he arrived the weather was lovely which was so nice to drive in. The lesson went so well and I was so proud of myself at how much I'm improving each week as I never expected to be able to drive haha! Once I got home I had my tea with my mum and we then washed and dried the dishes (Teamwork!) and I then went and took my make-up off and got changed into my pj's and sat watching a few Youtube videos then I changed my bag to my Zara bowler bag which I got for my birthday and I then made myself a cup of tea whilst watching 'The Mentalist'.

  Friday we had the hog roast at work which was in the afternoon so in the morning we were just doing our normal work and I was setting everything up for when the buffet people arrived with their supplies. I have to admit I was SO busy at work cause I just have an endless pile of work which keeps getting longer and longer, After work when we got home Luke's glasses were ready to pick up so we took a walk up to go get those and when we got home I thought they had done it wrong so we took another walk up for them to have a look at but she said they were all correct (I still think they are wrong) Once we got home I had a nice bath then we decided to get fish and chips for tea so we ate those whilst watching Tv then we just cuddled in bed watching films on NowTv as I was in so much pain with it been 'Time of the month' so I just needed to lay down for the night.

  Saturday was such a lovely day, I've had a few problems the last few months regarding 'Time of the month' as on the morning I suddenly go really faint, sickly and I pass out. So I obviously had blood tests and everything but it came back clear so Luke decided to help me each month so he got up at 8:30 and went and made me a cup of tea with cereals and he also brought me some tablets up bless him. So whilst I ate those in bed he went and got a shower as he was off away for the day with his friends as I had planned to do some things with my mum, nan and my little brother. So when Luke went I got ready and went shopping with my mum then we all went for a meal at a restaurant near where we live it was so nice! After that I came home and got changed into some comfy clothes as I just had no energy whatsoever. I then sat and watched Saturday night Tv whilst catching up on Youtube video's and writing a few blog posts, At around 10 I went and got comfortable in bed whilst watching a film on NowTv I had to admit I didn't fall asleep until around midnight.

  Sunday was another day I enjoyed as with me having the bed to myself on Saturday night I could get up whatever time I wanted to get things done so I got up around 9am and went and had breakfast downstairs with my mum and little brother. Once I'd had my cup of tea and decided on porridge for breakfast I went upstairs and got a nice shower. It was still really early once I had been in the shower so I decided to dry my hair and put a little bit of make-up on even though I wasn't going anywhere, I cleaned my make-up brushes and changed my bag to one which was more suitable for work, Once I had done that I got all my things ready for work like my uniform and lunch and it was only 11am so I sat and watched a few disney films with my brother than I got my laptop out to write a few blog posts as I was motivated to get a few posts scheduled. Once I'd done that me and Luke decided to have cuddles whilst watching a film as we hadn't really spent time together with him been away for the day all Saturday and stuff so we did that for a while then I decided to read some of my book whilst Luke was on his Playstation we then just relaxed watching films until we went to bed- One of the best Sunday's I've had for a long time.

How was everyone's week?

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