Sunday, 19 July 2015

Weekly Summary #4

Weekly Summary (13/07-19/07)

  Monday was another busy day for me at work so I had my head inside my computer literally all day I didn't move from my desk once and didn't even realise how quick the day passed it was unbelievable- I just kept having water, cups of tea and snacks and I got a lot of work done which was good. After work I was in a lot of pain with stomach cramps so I decided I couldn't go to Luke's mum's so I just got changed into some comfy pj's and had my tea, After that I decided to get my laptop to watch a few Youtube videos with a cup of tea then I read my book for a little. When Luke got home he had his tea then we watched films whilst cuddling until we both fell asleep as we were just so exhausted.

  Tuesday was another busy day as one piece of work which I got given at 8am took me until 4pm as I had to break off to keep doing other things I was definitely stressed! But we had some interviews to cover the places which are avaliable and they went well and they start on Monday next week so that's exciting I guess, I was literally so warm all day I just couldn't cool down whatsoever so in a way sitting at my desk all day was a good thing. After work I helped prepare tea and decided to get a quick shower and get changed into my pj's after that I went and made myself a drink and decided to just read my book for a while. Later on that night me and Luke decided to lay listening to music for a while which relaxed me for a while then we put the Roku box on to watch some films on Netflix and NowTv like we always do on a night time as it helps us wind down to go to sleep.

  Wednesday was another busy day at work I feel as thought that's all I keep putting for work every week but it has literally been crazy it's unreal how busy we are. Again I got some work given to me around 10am and I'm no where near finished it yet so looks like I will have to do it tomorrow too which I don't mind as it keeps me busy but god it's such a boring task I could fall asleep haha, After work I was in a bit of a mood with myself and I didn't feel great but I had my driving lesson so I got changed and went for that it actually went okay but I couldn't concentrate as I just didn't feel well so I did okay as I drove with no instructions or anything like that which shows I'm improving. Once I got home it was around 6:30 which was the 5SOS live broadcast so I got changed and sat and watched that which was on for SO long it got boring after a while but I had to see what happened. After that I took my make-up and just read my book for a little while then watched Tv until I got tired and me and Luke cuddled until we fell asleep.

  Thursday literally was the worst day at work I've had for a really really long time so I wasn't in the best of moods but I just cracked on with my work (Which I'll just add I got nowhere with!) I was still doing the work I had been doing on Wednesday so I was a bit stressed but I'll hopefully catch up on my work on Friday. Once I got home from work I cleaned around for a while as I was going to get a shower but my mum and dad was doing something with the pipe in the kitchen so I had to wait until they had turned the water back on to get a shower so I just cleaned up, had something small to eat and laid listening to music for a bit. After they had sorted the water I decided to get a bath as I was just in a mood to relax so I had a nice bubble bath then my mum decided to order a takeaway as we hadn't had any tea so we got pizza's and chips which was really nice, As our normal end of the night me and Luke just laid watching Tv for a while talking about our days then decided to get some sleep.

  Friday I got up and wasn't in the best of moods as I didn't sleep much so I woke up with such a bad headache, Once I got to work I was in such a motivated mood I caught up on most of my work by 11am which was so good compared to how much work I had Thursday once I had finished. So it was quite a nice day just doing my work plus it was Friday so I was happy about that. At around 2pm a girl from our office who is on maternity leave at the moment came in with her 2 children for the last hour of the day which just cheered everyone up as we've had such a busy week this week but we've all pulled together to get everything done and up to date. Once I got home I changed the bed and laid listening to music with Luke for  a while he was off out so we were spending time together, After he had gone out we ordered fish & chips for tea and I sat watching the soaps for a while I then sat on my laptop doing some blog work and things I then watched Netflix for a while I was all cosy under my blanket with a cup of tea. Once Luke got home we laid watching films again but at the weekend we stay up later than usual as we can stay in bed a lot longer which is good for both of us.

  Saturday was such a nice day I really enjoyed it, I was woke up by Luke taking some tablets around 9am as he's been suffering with his last wisdom tooth coming through and he's been in agony with it so once he'd taken his tablets we cuddled in bed with a cup of tea watching the Jeremy Kyle show, I then got a shower around 12 and we both got ready to take a walk to get Luke some more tablets as he had run out, Once we got back we both had something to eat and watching Tv again for a little while and then Luke decided to go to his mum's to see his little brother for a little bit, So me and my mum took a drive to our local Tesco's for a look at the clothes and for a few bits. Once we got home I got changed into some comfy clothes and watched some Youtube videos whilst drinking a cup of tea and eating some chocolate. Once Luke got home he made himself some food to each which he attempted to eat, We then watched some films on the Roku box again and we then decided to turn it off to cuddle and fall asleep.

  Sunday was another day I really enjoyed- I think I've decided Sunday's are my favourite day of the week as it's the day I feel relaxed the most as I normally run myself a bath whilst listening to music and watch films whilst catching up on blog work so I think Sunday's are my favourite. Sunday morning I woke up a little earlier than I expected so I got up and made myself breakfast and a cup of tea I took them back to bed as I decided I was going to read my kindle for a while so I sat in bed doing that then decided to get most of my work things sorted for Monday so I did that whilst Luke was slowly waking up (He's so lazy!) It was a little later now so Luke made his breakfast and made me a cup of tea we laid in bed watching Storage wars for a little while then we watched Ted this was the first time I had ever seen it but we've decided we want to go see the second one so we watched that and then I ran myself a bath. I had a 'faint' spell again this morning which was great so I didn't feel 100% but I was hoping the bath helped. After the bath I decided to make myself something to eat and another cup of tea and I sat catching up on some Youtube videos and I love watching The Michalaks vlogs each Sunday with a cup of tea as it just cheers me up. I then got down to business and wrote some blog posts as I was in such a writing mood, I then watched Pretty Little Liars on Netflix as I'm currently addicted. Later on I watched some films with Luke but we didn't watch it fully as we were both tired and knew it was work in the morning so we decided to turn it off and fall asleep ready for Monday.

How has your week been?

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