Sunday, 26 July 2015

Weekly Summary #5

Weekly Summary (20/07-26/07)

Monday was a day at work where I was in such a good mood for no apparent reason as it was Monday morning- I'm never happy on a Monday. I guess I had just woke up in that mood for some reason I have to admit I wasn't too busy but it was 'Direct Debit' run which is something I do on my own so that took up most of my day on Monday so I just got on with that and then caught up on my work, The new starters started at work and they seem to be getting on okay which is a good start. After work I didn't do much I just spend time with my mum and little brother watching the soaps, I then got my laptop out to watch some Youtube videos then I made myself a cup of hot chocolate and went to watch Tv in bed before I fell asleep.

  Tuesday was another day where I was in a good mood (What is wrong with me?!) I had a lot of work to get done today but as usual I had more and more by the end of the day so I hadn't even got my pile down which was growing on my desk, I spent a lot of time today doing spread sheets which just annoys me more than anything but the day flew by which was good, After work I came home and laid with Luke listening to music for a while as we waited for tea to be done. I then got a quick shower and dried my hair whilst listening to music then I decided to read for a while as I just didn't want to do much as it was getting late by the time I had finished, I then made myself something to eat and got into bed to watch a film (We watched Aladdin!) before I fell asleep as my eyes were really hurting and I was just exhausted.

  Wednesday was just a nice peaceful day at work- I was busy but I just took it in my stride and kept myself busy but enjoyed the day which is different for me, For some reason this week I feel calm and content I have no idea why though, So i'm still doing the work I've been doing since last week but I'm closer to finishing it now and I'm really happy with how it's turned out which is good! At around 3:30 we got some cakes brought in from one of the big bosses for our hard work so we made ourselves a cup of tea and all had a 10 minute break eating our buns (By far the best part of the day!) After work I had my driving lesson which again went well this week we did reversing round a corner and just driving- I cannot wait to finally be able to take my test! I'm really enjoying my lessons though which is good, Once I got home I decided to get changed into some comfy clothes, I changed my bag and decided to read my kindle for a while with a cup of tea, Once Luke got home we decided to start watching the Rocky films as they are one of my favourite films so we've decided to watch one every night, After that had finished I made us a cup of tea with biscuits and we sat in bed watching Tv then we got into bed and cuddled until we fell asleep.

Thursday at work was another nice slow day where the time just disappeared like literally I had no clue where it went which wasn't great as I still have quite a lot to get done for the end of the week but hopefully I get loads done tomorrow and get caught up! On my lunch break the fire alarm went off so I basically ate my dinner outside haha, I then had to work until half 4 as it was my late so I was in reception with Luke when a girl who works in the 'production' area came banging on the door asking me to phone an ambulance as someone had fallen and hurt themselves (They were just in shock and was fine!) But it was such a scary situation as I was on my own downstairs as Luke had gone to help, After work I got a chinese for tea and decided to get a shower- I've been in one of those moods to sort all my clothes, make-up out etc so I'll probably do that tomorrow night. After the shower I decided to watch a few Youtube video's with a cup of tea, I then read for a while and did my normal routine before bed (Friday tomorrow!)

  Friday was another good day at work (This week has been very strange) but again I wasn't too busy and Friday is an early finish as we finish at 3 so it always goes really quick. It is one of the girls birthdays on Wednesday which I offered to get her present so I ordered that on Friday at work and organised what else to get her, After work me and Luke decided to chill out for a while listening to music, I had told him I wanted to sort all my wardrobe out and stuff so he went out to his mum's. I first went food shopping with my mum to tesco where I bought myself a few things and a few make-up bits, Once I got back I got down to business which was sorting the bedroom out, my wardrobes and my make-up which I have now moved from my dressing table into some draws as I needed more storage for it all- That took me to around 10pm which is when Luke came back so we both made something to eat and laid watching Tv I was exhausted.

  Saturday was a nice day as the weather was lovely but I got up around 10am as I just laid in bed watching Tv for a while before I decided to get up, I then made some breakfast and a cup of tea for myself whilst Luke was still snoring. Once Luke had woke up he helped me just finish cleaning the bedroom as I gave up on Friday night to completely finish it so we did that. We then laid listening to music again for a while as we didn't have any plans for this weekend, I then decided to take some blog photo's as the lighting was good so I then wrote some blog posts up. I then read my kindle for a while as I have got back into reading which is good! I then made tea as we were just having salad and jacket potato and I then watched 'Saturday Tv' until around 9 when I ordered a takeaway for me and Luke which we just got a pizza to share, I went and put some comfy clothes on and got into bed- Saturday night is when me and Luke just watch films for most of the night and say awake quite late which is what we did until we both fell asleep leaving the tv and everything on which I woke up later in the morning to turn the light and tv off and fell back asleep.

  Sunday is my favourite day of the week and today was no different, I woke up to Luke being in a cuddly mood which made me be in such a good mood so we decided to lay in bed watching Tv for a while, I then got up around 10 to make myself some breakfast and a cup of tea which I then ate in bed whilst we watched Tv. At around 12 I started to get ready and Luke did the same- We then headed out to Matalan as there was a sale and I wanted to see if there was anything there so we went with my mum and dad. I got a bag,shoes, pair of jeans, casual top, dress and a jacket/blazer (Which is my favourite thing!) Once we got back I helped make dinner whilst waiting for my work uniform to dry so I could iron it as I had left it on the washing line and it had started to rain whilst we was out, I had lunch and then washed my make-up brushes, painted my nails and changed my bag. Around 4 I decided to get a nice bath which I really enjoyed. I'd done everything I needed to so I just relaxed for the rest of the evening watching netflix, Catching up on Youtube videos and I did a bit of reading- I had already caught up with blog posts and stuff like that so I decided to just not do anything 'blog' related today apart from finishing this blog post. Today was by far my favourite day of all week!
How was your week?

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