Friday, 28 August 2015

August Favourites-

Hello Everyone!
  So another month is over which means it's pay day for me so a little shopping spree is definitely going to happen, Nothing much has really happened this month which I can remember apart from a couple of days away and a few exciting opportunities which involved my blog but here's my favourites of the month.
This month I played it safe with my make-up and beauty items as I just wasn't really feeling adventurous and well I've been exchanging the make-up routine for a little more time in bed before work which everyone needs once in a while right? I'm still enjoying make-up it's just my skin hasn't been great this month.
  Estee Lauder Double Wear 1C0 Shell- This is always a foundation I reach back for as I needed heavier coverage this month with my skin acting up again and I know this will last all day and cover what needs covering on my face. This is a great foundation for anyone with oily skin as even when you apply powder throughout the day it still doesn't budge- I still love this.
  Mac Pro Longwear Foundation NC15- This is a foundation I've had for a while now but just haven't ever trialled it properly so I decided to pick it up, This shade is a little dark for me but I mixed it with the Estee Lauder one and it was perfect I do like the thick consistency of this foundation as I know this makes my skin flawless when applied so I'm definitely going to use this more often.
  W7 Honolulu Bronzer- If you can tell by the packaging and the overall bronzer you can see this is a dupe for the Benefit Hoola bronzer which I've never purchased but have tried the bronzer on many occasions, This is a bronzer which is normally at the back of the draw as I don't reach for this very often but decided to give it a try I really do like this as it's such a nice matte shade it looks really nice on my skin tone I do apply this for contouring as I know I can work with this to make my contour look natural so I've been loving using this on a daily basis this month.
Lip Care- 
EOS Lip balm in Watermelon- I got this as I have an obsession with lip balms so I decided to buy a few EOS ones from Ebay and this one became my favourite because of the scent I love watermelon so I knew I'd love this. These are probably one of the best lip balms I have tried as my lips are dry on a morning so applying a lip balm always helps and I've seen a difference this month by using this one.
  MAC Lipstick in Twig- I only bought these at the beginning of the month and was so excited to try them all but this was the one which I fell in love with as the shade is just perfect for me, It's a red/brown colour which I think suites my make-up most of the time as I always wear a neutral eye so I always know a shade like this one will always go- I will definitely be picking up more of the lipsticks this month.
  Avon Lipstick in Toasted Rose- This is a lipstick that I mainly love for the formula as it's such a smooth consistency that it slides on your lips and applies evenly- This shade is very similar to the MAC one but this has shimmer running throughout so this is another lipstick I adore.
Nail Polish-
Make up Gallery Nail Polish in Latte 5- This is a brand which is in our pound shop which I decided I needed this simply because the shade was perfect it's like a nude/brown shade which when applied looks really nice, These are the shades I mainly go for so I knew I would wear this, They are a £1 each so you can't go wrong. I'm wearing this now and well I'm so glad I picked it up.
Lip After Care-
  Lipcote- This is a product I got from the blogger event at the beginning of August, It's something I have wanted to pick up and try for ages as you apply this once you have applied your lipstick and it puts a seal over your lips so the lipstick doesn't smudge or fade throughout the day- As you can see I wear dark lipsticks meaning the brush is stained a little but it's fine. I have without a doubt seen a difference with my lipstick using this as I apply this on a morning and my lipstick is still intact at the end of the day (Work day so like 5pm) it isn't as vibrant but I'm still wearing the lipstick I applied in the morning.

TV Shows-
  90210- I watched this a while back but fell out of love with it so I stopped watching it but this month I decided to watch it again to see if I enjoy it anymore and I need to finish it to see what happens, I really am getting back into watching it so I'm so excited!
  Easy Love- Sigala- This song is without a doubt one of those which puts me in a good mood straight away, Since I was younger ABC by the Jackson 5 was always a song I loved so to hear it on the radio brings memories back but it has a little spin on it now which makes me like it even more.
  Coming Over- James Hersey (Filous Remix)- This is a song I listen to if I wanted a chilled song on but I still have this on repeat as I just love this song- Again it puts me in a good mood when I listen to it.
  All My Love- Watermat- I have holiday blues at the moment and this song for some reason just puts me in a holiday mood which well I have no holiday booked but I can imagine- This song just has a really good summer vibe to it which I really like.
What were your favourites this month?


  1. I love the Estee Lauder DW, it's one of my favourite high end foundations :)

    Just Little Things xo

  2. I agree! It's one of my favourite foundations- Definitely worth the money! :)

    Meg xo