Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Hello Everyone!
  So today's post is a little different as it's more of an personal post as it's showing you guys what I've been up to recently- I was invited to a blogger event which was in Leeds which I was grateful to be invited to as I knew most of the other bloggers who were going had been blogging for a while and I feel as though I'm a beginner still, The event was held at a vintage tearoom in the Grand Arcade in Leeds city centre.

  The event was also a charity event for Martin's House which we all were asked to bring some unwanted clothes along with us which would be auctioned off at the event- I was sorting my wardrobe out which gave me a good excuse to make sure I actually got rid of the clothes I don't wear. Once we arrived at the event (I actually took my mum along as I knew she would enjoy this sort of thing and well I have to admit I was quite nervous to go on my own with it been my first event) We handed the bags of clothes over and went inside which as you can see from the pictures the tearoom was just so cute and quirky as it was something I had never seen before. The furniture and feel of the tearoom was just so vintage and old fashioned and well I love stuff like that so I was in my element. Once we'd all arrived we were asked to do a game by creating the best outfit out of the clothes which were donated, We then had to introduce ourselves and say why we picked the outfits we had and whoever won 'Best Dressed' got £100 shopping vouchers which was very generous. Once we'd done that we were allowed to go outside and pick the clothes we wanted to buy which all the money went towards Martin's House. 

  We were then allowed to go have 'Afternoon Tea' which me and my mum were very excited for! The tables were probably my favourite thing of the event as they were just so cute and pretty I really loved how the tearoom was as it just suited my perfectly. The food was delicious! Me and my mum sat on a small 2 seated table as that was the one we were closest to when we sat down so we picked that table- We had sandwiches and scones (My favourite!) You could have tea or coffee but we stock to Coke as that is what we had been having most of the night but they were glass bottles and well coke always tastes so much better in glass bottles. You can probably see the popcorn in the photo's and that popcorn was so nice I definitely need to pick those up when I go shopping next they were so yummy! Once we'd eaten there was another questionnaire/Quiz which if you got the most correct you won an old fashioned photo shoot.  

  The event was so incredible and I'm so grateful I was invited, The evening was so amazing and I really enjoyed myself I have to admit I was quite scared and nervous as I'm quite a shy person so going to events and things where I don't really know anyone is something which is definitely out of my comfort zone but I'm so glad I actually made the effort to go as it was a place I will probably never experience as it was just so unique in the tearoom. Thank You to everyone at Branded3 and thank you to Sophie who invited me!

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