Monday, 10 August 2015


Hello Everyone!
  It's that time again- It's Monday which I hope you all have had a nice Monday whatever you were doing but today's little ramble is going to be about eating or healthy eating but it's going to be a post about food.

  Eating for me is something which well I have to admit I don't eat much fruit or veg so in reality I just eat rubbish 24/7 which recently I've seen a big change in my skin, energy and concentration levels which I've began to think I need to change how I'm eating- I'm a sucker for chocolate which I mean who isn't? But I eat LOADS on a daily basis as it's the easiest thing to grab when I'm at my desk but I know it's not good for me. So I'm attempting to think of things which can substitute for that sweet tooth I have which isn't bad for me- I know now a days most things are bad for you in some way or another but I really want to start eating a little better even if that is just cutting down on chocolate and sweets or changing my diet completely I'm just going to see how I feel when I start it.
  So I decided to make a few little notes to myself which I thought I would share-
  • Drink more water at work rather than tea/coffee or hot chocolate (Big craving!)
  • Swap the chocolate bars for fruit or dried fruit
  • Try to stop drinking fizzy drinks at all
  • Try to have a filling breakfast and lunch so I don't snack throughout the day
  These may take me a while to adjust to but I really need to change something in my diet and this is my only option which I think with a bit of practise I could make a drastic change. I've seen a lot of people changing to Vegan which has always been something I've wanted to try so that is a possibility to me which is why I'm watching Youtube videos on the subject to see what people eat and things like that to see if I would be able to make that sort of change. Have any of you done it, If so could you email or tweet me how it's gone for you please as I'm really interested in it.

Have a lovely week!

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