Friday, 21 August 2015

MAC Haul

Hello Everyone!
  So today's post is about the stuff I recently bought from Mac, I've never bought anything from there before but I can definitely see me picking more stuff up in the future.
  I decided to pick up these shades as I wanted to try some which I had seen people use and I wanted to pick up some shades which are a bit out of my comfort zone so I'll show you what I bought.
Kushi Kiss
  This lipstick is in the 'Matte' Lipstick formula this shade is such a pretty pink/coral colour and I decided to pick this up as it's without a doubt out of my comfort zone but it's just a pretty shade and I had a look on a few pictures and the shade just looks so nice on the lips I cannot wait to find a make-up look to wear it with.

  This lipstick has the 'Satin' lipstick formula which I think I prefer with Lipsticks but I saw quite a few people wearing this and the shade is so nice and this is more in my comfort zone so I will definitely wear this on a daily basis but this shade is a mauvy brown colour which has a hint of red- I prefer these shade as I feel they suite my make-up looks and they just suite me really well I cannot wait to wear this.
  This lipstick is the 'Amplified Creme' lipstick formula and I mainly picked this up because everyone raves about this lipstick and it's one of the best sellers at Mac so I decided to pick it up, This is a very nude shade which I don't normally buy but I decided to try this out so I'm not too sure if I will love this but we will see.
  This lipstick is a 'Matte' lipstick formula again but this shade is by far one I would normally stay far away from but something just made me drawn to this lipstick so I had to pick it up, I have no idea when I will actually wear this but I'm so happy I picked it up. The shade is such a dark red it scares me but has gold shimmer running throughout it which I think it just looks so beautiful- So if I never wear this it's fine I can just admire it.
  This lipstick is again the 'Matte' formula but I have seen this lipstick used so much and it's just such a stunning shade I had to pick it up as I will definitely use this on a daily basis as it would suit my everyday make-up routine, This shade is again quite a nude shade but it has a much darker brown undertone to it rather than red I think this lipstick will look stunning no matter what make-up look you are going for. I cannot wait to wear this as I think I will fall in love with this shade.
What's your favourite lipstick shade from Mac?


  1. My fave is Viva Glam 2 which is a satin and Flat Out Fabulous which is a retro matte :)

  2. I've been thinking of buying Flat Out Fabulous for so long now!:)

  3. which mac store did you buy those lipsticks from?

  4. which mac store did you buy those lipsticks from?