Monday, 31 August 2015


Hello Everyone!
  So it's Monday again and it's ramble time on the blog which I'm so happy about as today is still a ramble but it's something a little different I guess let's just get into it.
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  Make-up for me has always been something which has intrigued me, I was always interested from a young age what my mum would use on her face which just made her instantly look different. I had always said I wouldn't wear make-up but when I turned around 14 I decided I want to try stuff out I started simple with eyeliner which then turned into foundation and then now turned into a full face of make-up daily. I can never remember when I suddenly decided I wanted to wear a full face of make-up but I just remember I always felt more confident when I was wearing some- I'm still the same now I cannot leave the house without any make-up on and if that means I have to sit and apply a tiny bit of make-up before going to the shop then I will. I love the concept of what make-up has which is you can switch your appearance daily (to an extent that is) and recently I've suddenly been sucked back into wanting to try new make-up looks and products. I go through stages of boredom with make-up as I'm not very adventurous with my make-up because I'm not confident enough but I applaud anyone who can wear bright eyeshadow and stuff on a daily basis. 
  Payday was approaching (Now came!) and I knew I wanted to buy a few make-up bits but nothing too expensive so I bought a few bits and then looked through my make-up collection to find I have so much make-up which I haven't even touched which I could fall in love with but I just haven't give it the time of day to even be recognised so I decided to sort my make-up bag out and use all new products for this week... I'm excited to see what the products are like but I realised I buy make-up because I have an addiction yes and well there's nothing wrong with that but I need to start using the make-up out of my collection otherwise it's going to waste and well I can't be having that can I? So here's to trying new make-up this week...
Is anyone else the same with make-up?

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