Friday, 14 August 2015

My Everyday Make-up Products

Hello Everyone!
  This post may be a long one as I'm going to be showing you the products that I use on my face on a daily basis I have to admit this will look like a lot to apply on a morning but these are the products I reach for the most so I just pick between these for each thing I'm doing on my face.

  My skin is oily so I need to use products I know will last on my skin for a certain amount of time as I work full time so I think I've finally found products which I think work and look amazing all together.
Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer (002) This is a primer I've used for a while now and I always repurchase I have to admit this makes my skin feel so much better once I've applied this and it makes my make-up just look flawless when I've applied my foundation, This is a silicone based primer which works for my skin.
 Revlon Colourstay Foundation (110 Ivory) This is a foundation I've used for years now and I always repurchase as I know this foundation works for my skin and I know the shade of this foundation is perfect so overall this foundation is a great base to then apply the rest of my make-up.
Estee Lauder Double Wear (1C0 Shell) This is a more recent foundation but again I will definitely repurchase as it just looks so flawless when applied and the shade is also perfect and I know with the price tag is will last all day which is what I need, I apply this with the Revlon Colourstay as both foundations just work perfect together so everyday I apply both knowing my make-up will stay intact all day.
Natural Collection Concealer (Fair) This is another product I've used for years as I just feel this concealer is a much thicker consistency so I know it will cover any imperfections on my face, The shade 'Fair' is perfect for my skin tone as it's not too light but I know it's a natural shade which blends perfectly.
    Seventeen Phwoarr Paint (Fair) This is another concealer I just use to apply under my eyes as it's such a thick concealer I know it covers my under eyes amazingly, The shade is another perfect match but I have to admit this can crease if not blended properly but I just apply a little of the Natural Collection one on top knowing it will blend exactly how I want it to.
Make-up Revolution Eyeshadow (Delicious) Yes you read that correctly this is an eyeshadow but I was looking into this and many people said that was a perfect shade to use for contouring, It was only £1 so I bought it to try it out and I have to say this contours so well and looks so natural when blended.
Clinique Chubby Stick This is my main product that I use to start my contouring 'process' shall we call it? I use this as I can draw the line of where I want my contour to start and end I then blend it in with my fingers and apply my bronzer over the top to make the contour more defined, I've never been very good at contouring but since I bought this it just looks so natural and defined so glad I bought it!
Make-up Revolution Triple Baked Bronzer (Love Hot Summer) This is another bronzer which I have to admit is really pigmented for the price and I only apply this as it works as a bronzer/highlighter as it has shimmer in it so I apply this where my contour starts to just give a little shimmer to my face as I don't really use a highlighter or anything like that in my make-up routine.
Stila Convertible Colour (Peony) This is a blush I've wanted to try for a long time so I picked it up from Feelunique and decided to start using it on a daily basis as it's such a natural colour it gives a nice flush of colour onto my face, The packaging is one of my favourite things about these blushes. It is a cream consistency so I apply this with a stipple brush and blend it out onto my cheeks.
Make-up Revolution Triple Baked Blusher (Blushing Heart) This is another blush which I've wanted to try for a while this one is one of my favourites as there's 3 shades in there so you can mix them all together or just use one shade so it's such a versatile product which I really like. This is a powdered blush so I apply this with my blusher brush and again just apply to my cheeks I have to admit this also has a little shimmer to it but not too much to the extent of looking like a glitter ball.
Maxfactor 2000 Calorie Mascara (Black) This is a mascara which I can always rely on so if my lashes are never going exactly how I need or want them to look I apply this and everything works out so I would definitely recommend this mascara to anyone.
Maybelline Falsies (Black) This is a mascara I mainly use for the brush as it's curved so it adds a curve to my actually lashes which I really like the look of as it makes them look 'False' which I just love the look of, My lashes are long naturally but I like to apply this just to add a little boost to them.
Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner (Black) This is the only eyeliner I have ever used but I enjoy having eyeliner on my eyes on a daily basis as I think it suites my face more than just applying mascara so I always repurchase this as it makes my eyeliner right first time on a morning, I also love this eyeliner as I know it wont transfer onto my lids throughout the day as it just stays put where you apply it.

What products do you apply daily?


  1. I love Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer! it makes my skin feel so soft and makes my makeup look flawless!

  2. Yes me too! My make-up looks so much better when I apply the primer first!:)

    Meg xo