Monday, 3 August 2015


Hello Everyone!
  It's Monday so here's my motivational Monday post which well it's basically just going to be a ramble like usual but I hope you enjoy- Here goes my weekly ramble.
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  Last week was one of those weeks where I was just so stressed with work and life in general in which I just felt I literally had no time to sit and just relax for a while...
  I work full time meaning most of my days in the week are taken up by work and once I get home I have a list of like 20 things to get done before I fall straight into my bed without even a blink and I'm fast asleep and last week wasn't any different- I don't think I had a night where I just sat and relaxed in my own comfort as my mind was on overdrive on what I needed to get done.
  I've always said that I love blogging and I don't mind that it takes up most of my free time but even with blogging last week I was just attempting to fit it in around whatever else was going on, Like time last week just flew I have no idea where the days went nevermind the full week it was crazy!
  So I'm off into this week with a different mind set- I will relax this week no matter what-
  • After work I will have a least an hour where I do absolutely nothing
  • Blogging will still have daily updates but don't stress if you can't go on it daily
  • Once I've done everything for work the next day treat myself with a cup of tea and biscuits 
  • If I need to have a break- Take one... No one will be disappointed that I need 5 minutes
  These are the main thoughts for last week as one thing that happened last week was 'blogging guilt' as I just didn't have time to go onto my computer to update a blog post or anything and I just felt disappointed in myself as I just felt as though I had let myself down as I'd been doing so well updating every day but as I realised towards the end of the week was no one will actually be disappointed if I have a day off from my blog- I'm so invested in it that I feel as though I need to be updating daily.

  The main reason for the post was to mainly say if you need 5 minutes spare- Take 5 minutes out, Make yourself a cup of tea and watch a bit of Netflix to unwind... No one will look at you differently simply because everyone needs a break once in a while as we all get stressed and frustrated if the day doesn't go how we wanted it to- But having 5 minutes to ourselves will always make us feel better.
Have a lovely week!

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