Monday, 17 August 2015


Hello Everyone!
  So it's that time again- It's Monday, A new week to start fresh! Which starts with me having a little ramble here on my blog so I hope you enjoy.
 So this weekend I had a well needed 'break' we have a family caravan which we decided to go to for the weekend but the sea breeze and the different scenery just changes how I feel and I come back feeling so refreshed and energized as I had a few days where I had no worries about getting blog posts up as I had planned ahead and scheduled them so I was just enjoying being around my family and Luke. There is something about the sea which I just find so relaxing- Eventhough we were only there for a few days we all get back in such good moods as we've all just relaxed for a full weekend without stressing out or having to worry about things. One thing I also love about been away from home is you get to spend quality time with people who you care about, Like me and Luke we have such a nice time when we go away as we have no distractions and we barely use our phones so it's just us enjoying each others company which is nice sometimes and it's a different setting so your exploring it together which I just really enjoy- This weekend has definitely put me in a good mood for this week!
Have a lovely week!

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