Sunday, 30 August 2015

Weekly Summary #10

(Weekly Summary 24/08-30/08)

  Monday was an okay day at work on Monday as I was catching up on work since I had Thursday and Friday off so I was catching up I have to admit I caught up a lot sooner than I expected but the day literally went so quick I was really happy. Nothing exciting happened but I was really grateful it went quick as I was quite tired with me getting to sleep in for a few days longer than usual. Once we got home from work I didn't have anything really planned so me and Luke just sat listening to music and talking to each other before Luke got ready as he was taking a few things to his mum's so I decided to get myself something to eat and then I got changed. I took my make-up off and cleansed my face before watching a few YouTube video's and then Luke was home so he made himself something to eat then we both went upstairs to watch EastEnders as I wanted to catch up on it, We then watched Family Guy and both fell asleep.

  Tuesday was such a good day today and I've been in such a good mood today and I'm not too sure why I've been in a good mood but it definitely made the day better as it just dragged at work today which is annoying! I had a bit of work to do so I just cracked on with it and got it done but I'm really hoping it goes quicker tomorrow, After work when we got home I sat with Luke again for a little while then decided to get in the shower to get it over with as I literally had no energy at all to get a shower, Once I was out I dried and straightened my hair (Finally it's getting longer!) I then went downstairs and whilst I waited for tea I decided to do my lunch for work tomorrow, I ate my tea and then decided to watch a few YouTube video's again as I've fallen behind with them again... Not impressed! I then watched 'Don't Tell The Bride' whilst waiting for Luke to come back, Once he was home he made his tea and we went upstairs as we did last night so I could watch EastEnders and Family Guy we then cuddled and fell asleep.

  Wednesday was like one of the longest days I've ever had to go through, I had work to do which was fine but the day just seemed to drag so much- Wednesday's aren't my favourite day of the week anyway, But once I got home from work I had my driving so I quickly got changed and had something to eat and waited for my instructor to arrive- That lesson went so well I'm really proud of myself I didn't make any mistakes, I think I've got the hang of driving now and I think my driving instructor was really happy. After driving I had something to eat, got changed and cleansed my face. I rang my nan and had a little chat/gossip with her which really put me in such a good mood, Once I'd done everything I needed to I decided to watch a few YouTube video's which I then listened to music for a bit. When Luke got in we did our usual routine on a night time which is always the same, EastEnders and Family Guy before falling asleep.

  Thursday was another okay day at work I had a bit of work to get done again so I just carried on with it, Having cups of tea throughout the day to keep me going. Once we got home from work I had decided to get everything done as I wanted to get a nice shower and just chill out so I decided to get my dinner done and put tea on whilst I cleaned my room and changed the bedding, Once I'd eaten my tea I got a nice shower and whilst I was drying my hair my mum asked if I wanted to go to Tesco with her and I knew it wouldn't be busy so I decided to go up with her and have a look round, Payday is tomorrow so why not have a look round? I bought a few make-up bits and a couple bits of clothes. We got back around 8:30pm so I decided to cleanse my face properly and get into some comfy clothes, I made myself something to eat and went up to bed. Me and Luke decided to watch some comedy sketch thing and I then caught up on EastEnders, I was quite tired so me and Luke cuddled before falling asleep.

  Friday was one of my favourite days, It was payday and non-uniform at work so the best way to end a working week. I had figures to get done before 12 so I was quite busy making sure it was done and sorted before then, Once I'd done that I was just catching back up with my work which I didn't mind as it went super quick! After work Luke was going to get his hair cut so me and my mum nipped to the bank and I bought myself a new bag (It's so nice!) We then went up to JD where Luke bought himself a new jacket and some new trainers, He was looking for some jeans and a top so we went to Matalan where he finally found some. Luke was staying at his mum's tonight so me and my mum decided to get a chinese to share which I was so excited about! Once we'd eaten that I decided to go and change my bag to my new one and take my make-up off and put my comfy clothes on. I decided to have a browse to see what I can buy... Bad idea. It was quite late now so I decided to go get comfy in bed and watch some YouTube videos before watching Netflix for a while, I painted my nails and decided to call it a night. 

  Saturday I woke up with the worst head ache I have ever had simply because I didn't sleep until late so I think I didn't have enough sleep. But I got up and made myself some breakfast and a cup of tea whilst watching a few YouTube videos. I went and got a shower and dried my hair before putting a colour on my mum's hair for her, Once we'd done that I decided to go choose what I was going to wear and do my make-up. Once I was ready I went downstairs as me and my mum was going shopping for the day so we went and started shopping! We went to Boots so I could get some new skincare bits which I will write about once I've tried them out for a while, We then went to our local shopping centre for a walk around and I picked up a few more bits. When we arrived home I decided to sort some make-up out and my skincare stuff and get rid of all the old stuff- We decided we were going to go for a meal so we did that which I really enjoyed it as it was nice just to relax for a change. Once we got back I took my make-up off and got into some comfy clothes before watching some YouTube videos, When Luke got home we had some cuddles before settling down with some chocolate and sweets and watched a film until we went to sleep.

  Sunday I woke up at 9 with Luke as we both kind of woke each other up I think, So we had a bit of cuddles before I got up to make myself some breakfast and a cup of tea- Once I'd starting eating I realised my tooth had actually cracked (Great... I hate the dentist!) So I had a little cry to myself which Luke gave me cuddles until I came round and we decided to take a walk up to Tesco to see if they had any like temporary filling which I could use as I have a dentist appointment but not until the end of September, So we took a walk up there and they actually had some which was good and Luke got himself some aftershave. Once we got back we both had something to eat and Luke got ready to go down to his mum's. I decided I would stay at home today and sort my tooth out which I think I've done but it's not fully set yet. I then ran myself a bath with a nice bath bomb in and had a nice relax in there, I got out and dried my hair before going to make myself something to eat. I then decided to watch a few Youtube Videos and Netflix for a while before Luke came home. Once Luke was in he made himself something to eat and then we went upstairs to watch some films again until we fell asleep.
How was your week?

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