Sunday, 2 August 2015

Weekly Summary #6

Weekly Summary (27/07-02/08)

  Monday was quite a nice peaceful day at work plus it's pay day tomorrow! But this morning started out by having a catch up with the girls in the office over a cup of tea, I then got on with giving the wage slips to everyone which is a hard job on a Monday morning, I then got on with my other duties which passed the day on but I have to admit it dragged a little. Luke finished at 12 which was just such a pain as I was there until half 4, After work I came home and got changed into some comfy clothes as the weather was just terrible and I was not attempting to go out again. I decided to wrap some birthday presents which I was taking into work on Wednesday so that was a fun job as I love wrapping, Tea we had subway's each which was just so nice! Later in the evening I decided to watch a little Netflix as I hadn't watched it that much recently and I did a bit of reading for a while- I ended the night with cuddles from Luke and a hot chocolate with a film... Bliss

  Tuesday was one of those days where I just feel like there isn't enough time for me to get everything done not just in work but like at home too, But I got on with my work today again it was a nice peaceful day which was nice so I just sat and got on with it, It was payday which cheered me up as I knew after work I could go shopping for a little bit- After work I stayed behind around 10 minutes to put balloons, banner and confetti all over the girls desk who's birthday it is tomorrow! Once we got out of work I went shopping for a bit but I was in quite a rush so I didn't really buy too much as I thought I would just look online and buy it on there, Once I got home I had a shower and made my tea which was curry and rice. I made my lunch for work tomorrow and then decided to just watch Youtube videos and read for a while as I was just in the mood to relax. Luke got home around 9 so we both made something to eat and went and watched Tv for a while until we both were tired but before bed I decided to read for a while as I knew it would make me fall asleep.

  Wednesday was a nice day at work as I wasn't too busy so I could enjoy the day as it was Christina's birthday so at the beginning of the morning she opened her cards and presents from us all and throughout the day she was handing cakes and cookies out (Definitely my favourite part of the day!) I'm joking- Work wise I did have quite a bit to do but I just got on with it which seemed to make the day go much quicker which was good, Wednesdays are my least favourite day of the week as it's like your half way through the week but it's the day I just hate for some reason I have no idea why, Around 3pm the fire alarm went off so we all had to go stand outside in the freezing cold weather for around 20 minutes! After work I had driving so I went home and had a snack and got ready- My driving lesson went really well which I'm quite proud of myself as I made no mistakes and it all went smoothly which was good so I feel as thought I've improved a lot which I'm glad about. Once I got home my mum asked me to go look upstairs so I went into my room to see Luke had surprised me, He said he was off shopping after work and he had gone for some clothes for himself and he bought me an orchid plant which I've wanted for a while now and a big bar of chocolate, I'm more happy with the fact he actually thought of doing something like that which makes it so cute as I never expect him to buy me anything simply because I can buy what I want with my own money but he was so sweet about it as he had also wrote me a little note which was so cute bless him! Once I'd got changed and taken my make-up off I decided to sit and read with a cup of tea as I am so hooked with the book I'm reading I just want to find out what happens, Once Luke was home we cuddled in bed watching films until we fell asleep.

  Thursday was an okay day at work I guess as my work load had calmed down so it was a nice steady day at work and we finished early as it was my 'early' this week meaning we finished early which was a highlight which I was glad to have, After work me and my mum went to go get our hair cut as I'm attempting to grow my hair and my mum was just getting hers trimmed and neatened up. My hair grows really slow which is annoying but I'm not giving up so I decided to get the back cut up so once the sides begin to grow it will be like an inverted bob for a while which will be nice (Hopefully) Once we'd had our hair cut I went home and got changed ready to get a shower which I used a conditioner which I've never used before and it made my hair so greasy so I ended up washing my hair like 3 times to get it out and back to normal, So once I'd sorted all that out it was quite late so I just popped Netflix on and watched that with a cup of tea whilst Luke got home- Once he was home we both had a bowl of cereal whilst watching tv then we got all cuddled in bed and watched some films, I felt so relaxed it was unreal so I slowly fell asleep.

  Friday was so hectic I have no idea how to explain it- My work load was triple what it was on Thursday so as you can tell I probably got more stressed than I needed to but I literally didn't stop what so ever! I was doing one job to have to then try get another one done which just drained me so much. It was also my late which meant I stayed behind whilst everyone else went home but I was kind of grateful so I could try get some of my work done but literally the day flew by I got nothing done but Luke waited behind with me so I did have someone to talk to whilst I was working for the last hour. It was non uniform today as it was pay day this week so we were all in our comfy clothes which is what I love as it just makes it feel like Friday and puts me in such a good mood. Once me and Luke got home we walked to our local shop to buy sweets, chocolate and crisp for later so we had some munch to watch films with as we were having a 'film' night. Once we got back from the shop we decided to go to JD so he could buy his nephew some clothes for his birthday so we went there and had a walk round a few shops to pass some time on as we were so bored! Once we got back I decided to clean the bedroom and strip the bed (Nothing exciting!) then I got into some comfy clothes and caught up on some Youtube videos and blog posts, I then ordered a takeaway which me and Luke had whilst we were watching tv we then got all the sweets and chocolate out ready for the 'film' night which ended in cuddles and we both fell asleep.

  Saturday was such a lovely day- I woke up to Luke cuddling me trying to wake me up which is definitely the best way to wake up so we had cuddles whilst watching tv for a while then I went down to make myself some cereals and a cup of tea which I took back upstairs to watch tv again with Luke. I then went and got a quick shower just to wash my hair as we were going out for the day- I then got dressed, dried my hair and did my make-up whilst Luke also got ready. Once we were ready we then went into town to do a bit of shopping but the weather was terrible at it was just raining but we took a walk to 'Luke's Shop' as I'll call it as it does all stuff which Luke enjoys so we had a browse round there and Luke came out with a few things, We then took a walk to WHSmith as I wanted to pick up a few books so we had another browse round there but as Luke always is (Embarrassing) he was just been his normal self and just making me laugh all the way round the shop. We then went for something to eat as we were just sick of walking round in the rain and we then went home- I decided to sort all my books out once I got home whilst Luke messed around with his new 'toys' and I made a list of the books which are on my tbr pile... There's quite a few. I then made myself pizza,chips and salad for tea which was very enjoyable. Once I'd eaten that I watched Youtube videos for a while then decided to watch a bit of Netflix until Luke got home we then decided to lay watching films eating the rest of the food we had upstairs from our munch- Again the night ended in cuddles.

  Sunday was again such a lovely day- I didn't have the best sleep but I woke up to Luke saying 'boo' in my ear bless him, We did the same as Saturday by cuddling and watching Jeremy Kyle until we got up to make breakfast and cups of tea. We went back upstairs with our breakfast and watched the end of Jeremy Kyle, I then decided to read for a while whilst Luke watched some Youtube videos on his phone. We then went and sat downstairs for a while in the garden with my family as the weather was lovely- Luke decided to go see his sister and nephews for a while so I did my lunch for work and got a nice long bubble bath and I used the 'Mayday' bath bomb from Lush- It was amazing and so relaxing! Once I was out Luke was back so we went and sat in the garden again for a while then I came back in as I wanted to get a few blog posts written. We then ordered a takeaway which we got our usual Korma,rice and naan breads. I decided we should get Ben & Jerry's ice cream so we also got that which we ate watching films later on. Once we'd eaten our takeaway we were so full we actually couldn't move so we just watched films for the rest of the night then fell asleep whilst cuddling- Best end to the week.
How was everyone's week?

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